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Just Unveiled: Kyosho Porsche Collection #5, OEM Dubai Police Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari F12…

Very exciting news coming from our good friends over at Daboxtoys.  There are some must-have models on their way…

First, Kyosho has just announced that its next set will be the Fifth Porsche Collection they have done.  We should see it sometime in the fall, and I would keep checking with the Daboxtoys Facebook Page to see when preorder is available.  This set will surely go fast:

But that isn’t all the news coming from our the Daboxtoys shop in Hong Kong.  The OEM Factory, which has been putting out gorgeous supercar after supercar these days, announced a second set of 6 Lamborghini Aventadors.  These will have special decos and liveries, including the model we are most excited about, the Dubai Police Car.  This is another to keep a keen eye on, because the minute they hit the shop, they will sell out:
Lastly, a new set of cars from the OEM Factory coming soon, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.  Also a set of 6, but this time with a super exclusive Secret Car, rumored to be the white with the Italian stripe pictured below.  These are preproduction photos so we will have to wait and see:

We should have a few of these models here at Lamley whenever they are released, and you can be sure First Looks will follow.  Can’t wait…


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