First Look: 2013 Matchbox Ford Police Interceptor…

Prep for the Gathering has begun.  Which means my week is hectic.  Which means I am going to let the photos do the talking today.

So here is a First Look at the latest version of the Matchbox Ford Police Interceptor, along with an update on all versions of the model.  I love Matchbox police cars, and there have been some fantastic models released lately, like the Mitsu Evo, Lamborghini Gallardo, and Buick Century (to mention some from from completely different ends of the spectrum).

The Interceptor is another I really like, and Matchbox has done a fantastic job with it so far.  Yes, real liveries aren’t there outside of the Fargo PD version, but each model looks very different from the next, culminating with the Ford deco version just released.  This is a fun model to collect…

Alright, back to prepping…

(Find the Ford Police Interceptor on ebay…)

Matchbox Ford Police Interceptor (2013 Mainline):

 2011 basic

2011 basic recolor

2011 10-pack

2012 Mission Force Police

2012 5-pack

2012 basic

2013 basic

Still missing the 2013 Mission Force model.  To quote Brad Pitt, “They’re coming…”

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