Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels 2013 Basic ’76 Greenwood Corvette and silver Pagani recolor…

Just a quick pop-in to let you know of another Hot Wheels model that has just been unveiled.

Anyone who reads the Lamley Group on a regular basis knows of our love for JDM, sports cars, and supercars.  But there are always exceptions to the rule.  With all the love we have thrown at Hot Wheels’ versions of the Skyline, Toyota 2000GT, 92 BMW, Datsun Wagon, and so one, one of our absolute favorite models to be released was the ’76 Greenwood Corvette in the Racing line. 

It is such a great Hot Wheels car.  Historic, muscle-bound, fast, and wonderfully over-the-top.  We were lucky to get our hands on the Racing version, and were very happy to hear it was being released in the basic range in 2013.

Well, Hot Wheels made us wait, but it is finally here.  A perusal of ebay today unveiled the new Greenwood, in some wonderful 70’s attire. 

Along with the Greenwood are several other new Hot Wheels, including the silver recolor of the Pagani Huayra, as well as a new set of zamacs.  You can follow the link below to see them all:

2013 Hot Wheels Basic Greenwood Corvette and other new models…

6 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels 2013 Basic ’76 Greenwood Corvette and silver Pagani recolor…”

  1. So far, Road Racers version of the Vette is the ONLY one. That paint scheme has 1978 written all over it; in lieu of the cash money it'll take to get a Greenwood-liveried racer, this one will do quite nicely!

  2. Is that orange 83 Silverado rare at all? or just a recently released variation? I saw one at my local Walgreens today and didn't even give it a second look – and this listing has over $5 in bids already!

  3. The Greenwood is quite a disappointment. Why doesn't it have a racing livery? What were they thinking? What would have been an instant purchase is something I'm not quite so sure about.

  4. Guys, calm. Hot Wheels might do a racing road racer version of the corvette in the future.

    But anyways, that Pagani. I love it in silver. But when I got it, I was disappointed of the taillights. Why can't it be red instead of silver?

    But, everyone, again, please stop complaining about the greenwood.

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