Model of the Day: Matchbox 2010 Lesney Edition ’70 Volkswagen T2 Classic Bus…

One of the more enjoyable elements of doing this blog is having to jump back into the collection to pick a model to feature.  Sometimes you just want to move away from the new models for just a minute and feature a model from a few years earlier.

When you do jump into the collection, you will note that some opinions on models will change over time.  Some models you really liked don’t impress you as much, others you never appreciated as much as you do now.  And even others just look different.

That is the case with the Matchbox VW T2 Bus.  I committed awhile back to collecting only the versions of this casting that were without any logo.  Just street versions.  That means I have four.  An orange, a red, an olive, and this Lesney Edition in baby blue.

So after my only exposure to a VW Bus lately being Hot Wheels’ super tooned Kool Kombi, the Matchbox T2’s realism just looks fantastic.  And especially fantastic in two-toned white and blue.

The Lesney Edition lineup didn’t perform the way Matchbox and Mattel had hoped, and I think it further pushed Mattel towards making the brand less collector-oriented and more kid-focused, as it always has had to be.  We have seen the 60th Anniversary line this year, but unlike the Lesney, it still has more current kid-centric models and decos to keep the brand more consistent throughout all its products.

Looking back at the Lesney Editions, it is clear that while a vocal few clamor for diecast chassis, a full metal body doesn’t matter much to the general public.  Some of the models were a bit bland, and tended to sit on the pegs.  But, thankfully, others were drop-dead gorgeous.  Those lookers would go fast, and none went faster than the T2.  From the moment it hit the pegs, it was as highly a desired model as I have seen in a retail Matchbox line.  I was lucky to find this one, and it is has been in my collection ever since.

They do pop up on ebay, but usually with a $15 to $30 price tag.  Probably worth it for those that want one of the best-looking Matchbox models of the last few years, but I am glad I found mine on the pegs.

(Here are the Lesney Edition T2’s we found on ebay, along with this poorly listed cheaply-priced straggler…)

Matchbox ’70 Volkswagen T2 Classic Bus (2010 Lesney Edition):

4 Replies to “Model of the Day: Matchbox 2010 Lesney Edition ’70 Volkswagen T2 Classic Bus…”

  1. Great model and nice highlight, the photo with the new Matchbox Ghia is especially nice! I would probably agree that the 4 variations you own are the best as they have proper front and rear deco. though I certainly like all of them and own 2 of each, including the rare light blue 'fishing tours' variant that was exclusive to the off-road 10 pack.

    Call me crazy but I'm even looking forward to the upcoming black 'UFO' variant of this casting with green windows!

  2. The casting was ultra hard to find, in general. I only just found my first, the orange one, a couple months ago. I really wish I had been collecting more seriously back in 2010, because I might have picked up some of those Lesney editions. I think 2010 was the best year, but all I have is the Vista Cruiser. Still looking for a MGA.

  3. Agreed that 2010 was perhaps the best year of Matchbox. Your Seattle's Parked Cars blog is great by the way, as an avid/professional photographer I can appreciate all the great photos. If I had a 2nd MGA I'd send it your way at cost… though even that one was tricky to find at the time.

    Even cooler that you have lesser known, or noticed cars on the blog like the Mazda, & Malibu. I saw a clean, rust-free light yellow Mazda 808 in a mid-west college town just the other day parked on a busy street, no one seemed to notice or glance walking by but it beckoned at me for attention and vintage Japanese metal isn't even my forte!

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