Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Walmart exclusive Sam Walton ’79 Ford F-150 Truck…

I didn’t know if we would ever show this model here on the Lamley Blog.

Call it the 16th Super TH.  Call it a chase.  Call it whatever you want.  We can all call it rare.  The Sam Walton Ford Truck can only be found with the latest batch of Jukebox cars, exclusively in Walmart stores.  Whether or not it will continue to appear with future batches of Jukebox, I have no idea.

I was just surprised to find one.

I occasionally get lucky and find a Super TH.  Maybe it was missed in a frenzy, maybe a random case was put out right before I got there, maybe dumb luck.  But this model was not one I anticipated finding.  The Jukebox cars are hardly ever refilled at the Walmarts around here, and they aren’t necessarily flying off the pegs.  They are in fact keeping the pegs nice and toasty.

And while more and more toy managers are becoming wise to the overnight Hot Wheels collector and filling the basic pegs during the day, most non-basic cases are put out overnight with all the other toys.  Because of that I figured all the Sam Walton trucks would be gobbled up well before my arrival at a Walmart.

So I was shocked to walk into a Walmart last Saturday at about 11 am and find a dump bin that had clearly been cracked that morning (lots of models, no hunts), full pegs, and the Walton Ford just a couple of cards back in the Jukebox section.  I think in the earlier visitor’s frenzy to grab the hunts, they forgot to check the other sections.  Whatever the reason, I now have a model I thought I would never see.

So here is a makeshift showcase of the model.  You all know we like to show the models here at Lamley in all their DLM glory, but this is not a model to open.  The package is surely part of the charm, considering the exact same truck was released 14 years ago as…..are you ready…..a Walmart exclusive. (Shocking!)

The 1999 version was released in a diorama-style package, with the same deco and same real riders.  I actually much prefer this version in a Hot Wheels blister.  So I won’t open it.

This will always be a unique exclusive, especially considering its small numbers and random Walmartian tribute.  Next we need to see a model paying tribute to the yoga-pants-wearing moms at Target…

(Find the Sam Walton Ford F-150 on ebay…)

Hot Wheels Sam Walton ’79 Ford F-150 Truck (2013 Walmart Exclusive):

6 Replies to “Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Walmart exclusive Sam Walton ’79 Ford F-150 Truck…”

  1. What a true treasure you discovered. If I found this i'd freak!
    It's different and i'm not particularly a true Ford truck fan but I would
    take this because it's based on a real life figure, Mr. Wally himself.
    Dig those white letters!

  2. Found 2 boxes of the new Jukebox with no Waltons.Heard others say too they were finding cases missing them.But then they started cropping up again?I think there were pickers at work in the DCs.

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