First Look: A Pair of Hot Wheels Toyota Trucks…

Should we start with the Tundra?

It is the less interesting of the two, but will soon be the object of frenzy when the Super Treasure Hunt hits the pegs, or dump bins, or sidekicks, or if we are being honest, the pallets.

But we don’t have the Super.  We do have the normal version.  And we photographed it.  It is big.  And the wheels look right and super…uh…involved.  Well, a lot of people like big fancy trucks these days, especially when they roll on elaborate rims.  So this should make a few of those people happy.  Me?  I guess I am happy it is a Toyota, and the second Toyota Super TH in this, the year of the Toyota at Hot Wheels.

But when it comes to pickups I like going back a few years.  A classic 58 GMC, a rusty 77 Ford, and of course, a sleek Datsun 620.  Yummy, no matter where and in what condition they are in when I come across one.  Same goes for the trucks of the middle 80’s, and the HW ’87 Toyota continues its fabulous run.  I liked its debut in the Hot Ones series, and I liked the “almost” Marty McFly version in black.  But this tan version?  Yeah I REALLY like this one.

The color.  The deco.  That is what I remember a Toyota Truck or 4Runner looking like back then.  The wheels?  Oh, Hot Wheels, there is a lot of talent in those cubicles, and you need to let one of those designers put together a decent off-road wheel.  If you need a suggestion, go ask the boys in orange for a tip or two.  They seem to have the wheel thing down.

(Want your fill of Toyota Trucks?  Hot Wheels are here, Matchbox are here…)

Hot Wheels Toyota Tundra & ’87 Toyota Truck (2013 Basic):

The family:

With it’s cousin the Matchbox ’85 4Runner:

The family:

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