Announcing the Huge Summer Sale over at Wheel Collectors…

Have you taken advantage of the huge sale going on at the store of our good friends at Wheels Collectors?

If not, let us show you this package we got yesterday:

I promise that is not where the mail carrier leaves our packages, but that is beside the point.

The point is that this package came from Wheel Collectors.  It is not an unopened case of Boulevards, but rather a Boulevard box full of models we wanted to get.  When Wheel Collectors announced the big summer sale, where EVERYTHING in the store is 17% off, we decided to pounce.

The result?  Well have a looksy:

Considering Hot Wheels Boulevard is not being refreshed at any of my local stores, and the space reserved for them will soon disappear in place of the Cool Classics, we thought it prudent to stock up on our favorite models.  So we took advantage of the 17% sale and went for it.

So will you?  This is the Summer Sale, and I don’t know how long that means the sale will last.  So I would say just hop over now to see what is available.

Just follow the links:

Wheel Collectors on ebay

Hot Wheels Boulevard

Have fun…

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