Matchbox Monday Model of the Day: Porsche Panamera…

Occasionally here at Lamley we like to celebrate the underused.  Unfortunately, the Matchbox lineup of the last few years has produced a few.  Remember the SLR McLaren?  Cadillac CTS Coupe?  Infiniti G37?  We can always hope that the next year will be the year some of them reappear, but 2013 is not that year.

The same goes for today’s Model of the Day.  The Porsche Panamera debuted in 2011, and that year was recolored once and ended up in the First Editions 10-pack.  So three versions.  And then nothing.

Granted, since then there has been a major change in direction, and 2013 has seen a slight return to more street cars, and 2014 remains unknown.  So we have to think the Panamera will make its way back at some point.  Porsches are not being ignored in the lineup, but it really helps to have the numbers 9-1-1 following the name of the model.

So we sit on these three versions.  Maybe some aren’t complaining.  The 1:1 Panamera has been a hotbed of mixed opinions.  Jeremy Clarkson said sitting in the driver’s seat was the best thing about it, because you could feel the thrill of driving an amazing machine, and not have to see how ugly it was.  The Panamera’s looks have grown on me, but it is still much more pleasant to look at from the front.

The great thing about the Matchbox version?  Whether you like the real car or not, there is no denying that the casting is spot on.  The fantastic front and questionable rear are there in all their glory for everyone to judge.  These three versions leave a little to be desired in the color department though.  The plum is actually quite nice, but the green is a bit drab.  One of the reasons we would like to see another version or two is to correct the mistake that was the green version.  Maybe a white with black 5sp rims?  Something just a tad more sporty would be nice.

In the meantime, we will try to enjoy these three.

(As always, we invite you to check out the store of our Matchbox Monday partner, MVE Collectibles.  You can even grab a Panamera or two there if you so desire…)

Matchbox Porsche Panamera (2011 New Model & First Editions 10-pack):


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  1. I gotta admit, even though the shape of the real car becomes at best, tolerable, it's still not my thing. But someway, somehow, I ended up buying that purple one and the green one. Go figure! I understand they wanted to maintain that Porsche DNA, but I personally think that they took 911 styling a bit too far. The only saving grace for this car is the fact that it is an engineering masterpiece, not so much a visual one. Then again, could you expect anything less from the Germans in that area?

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