First Look: Hot Wheels Scion FR-S…

There is a lot to discuss on this one.  Clearly a no-brainer of a Hot Wheels car.  Whether it appeared as a Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ, or Scion FR-S, this model had to be done.  The little car that could has gotten rave reviews all around, and even though it has been on the road awhile now, it still elicits a head-turn whenever one passes by.
So Hot Wheels version, in the form of a Scion, has finally arrived.  It might be a little late to the game, as the car has gotten a large share of attention from diecast companies, from Kyosho to Tomica.  But Hot Wheels can do what it wants, and the Scion casting has made a stellar debut.  
Let’s talk about that debut.  There will be some mixed feelings once it hits the pegs.  Not about the casting, as it is near flawless, but about the choice of color and deco.  I will agree it doesn’t stand out like some others do, and many times metalflake colors just don’t pop.  But my guess is that this casting has a long future, and we will see many colors and decos in the future.  Perhaps one or two more in 2013 alone.  So deco and color, and wheel choice for that matter, don’t really bother me.  Its looks don’t bother me at all.  In fact, I quite like it.
The casting?  It looks great.  In pure Hot Wheels fashion, the model is a slightly modified FR-S, complete with a racing kit.  The only confusion?  It sports a right-hand drive, which would technically make this a Toyota 86, since Scion is a US brand.  Could we actually see this casting change badges in the future?  
(Find the FR-S and the rest of HW Batch N at Wheel Collectors…)
Hot Wheels Scion FR-S (2013 New Models):

The fantastic group of new Toyota castings in 2013:

3 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Scion FR-S…”

  1. i don't see what the problem is with metalflake red…sure, it might not be the best, but it's not really that bad, same with the deco…

    Still, it's a good casting and that's the important thing. The rest, can be modified, i know i will make a black, a white and probably a silver version of this little car, with different wheels too.

  2. Overall, I like it. Now this might sound a little picky, but I believe the front of the car could have been smoother. Myself, I would have preferred it without the body kit; customizers are gonna add their own anyway. But overall, it is good, with nice proportions. Yes, I will still cop because it is a cute little coupe with exceptional driving dynamics.

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