June 10 Matchbox Ambassador Update: Brand new BMW 1M and other sneaks…

Greetings collectors…

As much as I love my Ambassador duties, there are a handful of things that take precedent.  One, there are three women living in my home.  I am married to one, and the other two are my daughters.  They call, I answer.  Second, I have a thing called a job.  This job thing asked me to spend this week in hot and steamy Dallas attending meetings, so if you are one of our early bird readers, as you read this I am on a plane, trying to read something, preparing to try and smoothly introduce my western blood to something called humidity.  Joy.  Lastly, Boards of Canada released their first album in eight years, and it comes out tomorrow.  My fully embraced geekdom is on high alert, hoping Dallas will give me a minute to two to listen.

So this week two of those duties (one important, one surely trivial) have asked for my time.  The girls might enjoy my absence.  Thankfully, this week’s sneaks don’t need much chatting about.  These models, at least in my optimistic eyes, look fantastic.

Some have voiced their amusement on the positive spin I dish on the models Mattel gives me to sneak, wondering if I really like the models I am showing.  I will say this: I like some more than others, and of course that is how it is with all of us.

But these three?  Let me say that I genuinely like all three of these.  A lot.  And none more than the most excellent MB893 BMW 1M.  I, like many, have been really looking forward to this one.  The actual BMW 1-Series may have a short life span, but I agree with Jalopnik that this little beauty may be a future classic.  Thank goodness we get a Matchbox version that will be just a bit cheaper than the real thing.  It comes in what Matchbox is calling “intense metallic orange”, and has full front and rear detailing.  The tail lights are slightly shortened due to the machine’s inability to wrap around, but at least it doesn’t look cut off like previous models.  She’s a beauty, and I can’t wait to see it in person.

(As always, these and the other images are all shown with permission from Mattel.)

Like I said, we have three models this week that get the jtl thumbs up, Ambassador or not.  Next is the Police version of the Ford Explorer.  If you remember when we revealed the 2013 1-120 line, we mentioned that there would be a second Ford Explorer.  It is not an official recolor of the first version released early this year, because this second version occupies another number in the lineup.  The licensor requested it after a last-minute adjustment, and police collectors win because of it.  Here is the Explorer in its first police livery, and I think many of you will approve:

Clear windows, plus clear and I think realistic lights, simple black and white deco, and some good looking rims.  If I were not in my Ambassador role, I would say the Explorer got off to a bit of a slow start, but after seeing the upcoming 60th Anniversary issue and this police version, it has finally taken off.

Lastly, another Gift Pack exclusive.  The classic car theme of the gift pack models continues with the ’71 Firebird Formula in orange, with the actual Firebird logo holding up the 60th logo.  Clever.

That is it for this week, but I think we did pretty well.  Next week we have another new model to show, as well as some more decos for 2013.  We will just keep chugging along.

See you then…

14 Replies to “June 10 Matchbox Ambassador Update: Brand new BMW 1M and other sneaks…”

  1. 1MMMMMMMMMMMuuuaaahhahahahaha!!!! Thats it man. Anyone who thinks this car isn't nice or not well made can go to hell! The Ford Explorer seems to be the big brother of the Corvette ZR1 released in the police 5-pack a few years back. Very nice model indeed. The Firebird is looking very hot and finally the original chicken is back on the hood. Very nice trio and if I have the chance, I'll pick up all of them! Thank you for the photos!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. I have one issue… “The tail lights are slightly shortened due to the machine's inability to wrap around…” yet the headlights have tampo all the way from grill around to the end of the sculpting on the side of the car…

  3. It's a much smoother wrap on the headlights, so that's likely why those were able to be done but the taillights weren't.


  4. It's Monday morning, and I should be cranky. The sun is out, and like many of you, I have a job. Normally, this situation gets a little worse when I subject myself to the latest reports on how Mattel is plunging the depths of mediocrity with a product they unrightfully call “Matchbox.”
    Let's keep this between you and me, internets. The new BMW 1 series is…quite nice. I have a reputation to uphold, so please don't let this get out – I like this casting, I like the color, and the subject matter is exactly what Matchbox is about. The 1 series is a contemporary car. It's interesting without being too flashy. The proportions and details of this car reflect what we see on the streets, and thank the maker – the body appears to be metal. I also appears to be a smaller casting, which no doubt will keep the cost cutting superstars of Mattel happy. Incidently, if it is indeed a small-ish casting, I am happy too.
    There are always nits to pick, so I will throw this out – the paint looks too thin in some areas. This appears to be an ongoing problem. I suggest dressing up the Matchbox finishing department in black, send them over to the Siku painting plant with notepads late at night, after everyone has left for the day. Tell them not to come back until they learn the secrets of creating a scale, even paint job.
    I suppose pointing out the width of the tire and wheels would be petty, so I'll keep that one to myself.

    Next on the list is the Ford Explorer. I cannot help but think this is a doomed casting. It's clunky, funky and probably other things rhyming with clunky and funky. The glass looks way too thick, and it just does not seem to fit properly. I'd like to believe there is a nice, crisp Ford Explorer casting hiding behind that goopy black paint job. Who knows, aside from the people making the thing. Still, not all things are bad. The police livery is likeable, but it's really not neccesary to over-do the whole MBX thing. Perhaps the paint job could be overlooked if we were given headlights and tail lights.

    This leaves the Firebird. Poor old Pontiac, gone from this world. When I leave this world, it's my hope (and please, write this down) that the effigies you all create of me do not include chrome plated internal bits. I want to be remembered as having a normal colored tongue, not a chrome one. You may say I look better for it, and no doubt many of my loyal followers will agree. The purists, however, will know better. They will remember all that gabbing I was famous for, and will vouch for me by saying “Alfa did not have a chrome tongue.” A silver tongue, yes. Not a chrome one.
    So, Mattel, please – enough already with the chrome interiors. You may have some of us fooled, but not all of us. That Pontiac deserves better, and so do we. It looks like a cheap toy from the eighties.

    Tallying up the scorecard, Mattel, you earned another $1.09 from this collector. I usually buy in pairs – one to open, one to save in it's packaging. So, tell the bean counters they can definitely bank on $1.09 thanks to the 1 series. Possibly $2.18.
    They are sure to be giddy.


  5. The BMW is real sharp.

    The Ford Explorer just needs a new flat roof clear insert when they want a plain SUV. The extra light bars make up for when they thought the Chevy Blazer 4×4 could pass a 4×4 offroad light bar as a police light bar.

  6. The Bimmer is good but where is the famous BMW bonnet badge? Surely BMW would not allow that to happen.The Firebird is ok but the chrome interior spoils it for me but hell they only toddler toys.


    Comment by hand grenade.

  7. I like the BMW! The Ford Explorer is not selling well because it is a bad casting with roof lights in the rear (that do not exist on real Ford police SUV's)and the oversize wheels. Matchbox should go back to what brought them to fame in the first place. Realism. Also please recast the Ford E-350 Ambulance with a light bar on the cab or just please finally paint the lights on it.

  8. The BMW is nice, if exremely toy-like in it's proportions, especially how the wheels – which look enormous in this application, poke out of the corners. The 1-Series is a toy-like car in 1:1, but the diecast translation is even more so being so small.

    The Firebird should be released in more colors, and fewer tampo specials. Spare the flaming chicken and put some headlights on it.

    – Full Flaps! on HobbyTalk and DieCast SpeedZone

  9. I like the BMW and the Police Explorer alot! The Firebird is OK, why a chrome interior?? As mentioned above: The Firebird should be released in more colors, and fewer tampo specials. Spare the flaming chicken and put some headlights on it.

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