First Look: Hot Wheels Corvette 60th Anniversary ’55 and ’58 Corvettes…

Walmart is a player.  They ask, Mattel does.  They want Fast & Furious exclusively in the US?  They get it.  They want a ridiculously cool set of zamacs, they get those.  They want an 8-car set celebrating Corvette’s 60th Anniversary?  Done.

So yes, those of us who live in the US near a Walmart (which probably means everyone in the US at this point), we get pretty lucky when it comes to collecting Hot Wheels.  We have covered F&F and the Zamacs pretty extensively, so let’s jump into the Vettes.

The set is nice, the packaging quite beautiful, but the models are a little on the drab side.  Some have been released previously, some are slightly different, and none really stick out.  Too bad, because collector favorites like the COPO, Greenwood, and 62 Vettes could have really stood out.

So seeing that this is an underwhelming set, we picked two Vettes to show off.  The Z06 is a great casting, but it was a new model last year in the same deco with the same wheels.  We went with the ’55 because it is a relatively new casting that doesn’t look like a lot of its previous castmates, and the ’58, because we have never paid any attention to it in the past.  So little attention in fact that we have no idea if it has been released in the this deco before.

But there is some evolution to this post, so let’s start with a look at the two cars we decided to feature:

Hot Wheels ’55 Corvette and ’58 Corvette (2013 Corvette 60th Anniversary Walmart Exclusives):

Both look pretty, both are nice castings, and both have been SEVERELY upstaged in the last year.

Look no further than last year’s Boulevard version of the ’55, its debut:

Yep, same casting, same color, same interior, same deco.  But WAY different wheels.

Now the ’58:

Two different castings, but there exists similar design queues on the ’62, and the regular and Super TH versions are two of the best looking Hot Wheels of 2013.

So we would rather point out a most excellent set that Hot Wheels has given us in the last several months to celebrate Corvette’s 60th.  It doesn’t cover every generation of the Corvette, but it makes some key stops.

Here is what we propose be everyone’s makeshift Corvette set of 5 (it will be eight once we get our hands on the final Boulevard Corvettes and Retro Entertainment A-Team Vette):

Want to make your own set, find them here:

RoadRCR Corvettes

2013 Corvette Supers

6 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Corvette 60th Anniversary ’55 and ’58 Corvettes…”

  1. as a huge Corvette fan, i like your selection.

    The C4 and C5 castings made by Hot Wheels are just OK, the C6, specially the Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1 are amongst the best casting of that wonderful car.

    I would like to see a nicer version of a C2 generation Corvette done by Hot Wheels…the 63, 64 and Grand Sport are just meh…Matchbox did a wonderful casting of the Grand Sport years ago…

    I can´t wait to see Hot Wheels rendition of the C7, i hope the have stuck close to the 1/64 scale, and that the proportions are close to the original modelo, just like they did with the C6 generation models

  2. I love the set myself. Most of the are a little bit rehashed, but it's all gravy. At least they didn't have any childish-looking bullcrap on them. The thing that impressed me the most is that they left the metal base on the '55. And it just so happens to be on my favorite Corvette casting. And for 1 bucakroo! Gotta count my blessings.

  3. I'll get the 55 since i started collecting the casting, even though it is the same car as the boulevard one. They could have changed the color, at least…

  4. I wish they had done the 55 in white…just so you could say it was a 53…I really hope they do a Z06 in 60th anniversary colors, and as far as the c7…I could care less…that car is an absolute monstrosity

  5. I'm not a big fan of that pro stock looking '58 casting, but other than that, I like the list. I too think they should have made the C1 in white, it's a natural… Also, I agree with the previous poster, the C7 is a stylistic monstrosity, so who cares about that one. The old C4 casting, while slightly rough around the edges, I would include, in place of the '58. The C5 I wouldn't include as it doesn't take to Real Riders at all.

    p.s. The nearest Walmart is 150 miles from me, ha.

    – Full Flaps! on HobbyTalk and DieCast SpeedZone

  6. The 55 from the new set looks a lil sleeker, where the Boluevard has a pudgy overweight look to it, sure that's the same cast?

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