Matchbox Ambassador Update: The upcoming Double Diecast International Workstar Brush Fire Truck…

Hello fellow collectors…

I am popping in mid-week to give you an update on a model that has been the topic of much discussion.

As many of you are aware, an intriguing version of the International Brush Fire Truck popped up on ebay several days ago, setting off a discussion on many diecast forums as to whether it was legit or not. The question also came up as to how the seller obtained this model if it was in fact yet-to-be-released.

Well, it is important to set the record straight.  This Brush Truck is coming, soon to be released as another model celebrating Matchbox’s 60th Anniversary.  Details as to how to obtain this model will come the closer we get to its release.  I have included Mattel-approved images below.

But it is important to clear up the matter with the seller, known as hckymaniac on ebay.

He has been absolved of any wrong doing, as he acquired the quantity of these trucks legally at Mattel’s own store in El Segundo.  It turns out that a small quantity of these brush trucks were inadvertently sent to the Mattel store from Mattel’s own distribution center in California, which was not supposed to happen.  The seller was lucky enough to get these far in advance of when they will actually be available at retail.  He is a legit seller and that needs to be made clear.

As I said, more details will come as we get closer to its release, but Mattel’s mistake was this seller’s gain.  Right time, right place.  And his listings do give us a close up of the fantastic nostalgic packaging.

Here are Mattel’s images:

Thanks everyone, and please let me know if you have any questions…


7 Replies to “Matchbox Ambassador Update: The upcoming Double Diecast International Workstar Brush Fire Truck…”

  1. I like the International Brush Fire truck, but not too impressed with this recolor. I think the nostalgia packaging is the best part. I wish they would incorporate that into the 1-120 line, which could use a breath of fresh air.

    – Full Flaps! on HobbyTalk and DieCast SpeedZone

  2. Thanks for the update and info John. IMHO this is a nice looking model with four sided tampos and I look forward to adding it to the collection. What better time to release this model than at the beginning of fire season!
    Sammy (aka hoseman)

  3. I have been reading the threads on the MCCH and MCF with interest.

    Indeed, this looks like a indirect apology for getting the facts very wrong.

  4. But the other plastic parts of the truck are screaming to be done in chrome. How often are you looking at the interiors, anyway?

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