First Look: Hot Wheels Ford Shelby GT-500 Super Snake in white…

I am not what you might call a “Mustang Guy”.  I think I can appreciate a good Mustang, but they have never been my favorite cars.  I will ogle over the classics from the 60’s and 70’s, despise most of them from the 80’s and 90’s, and appreciate the retro look of those in the last 10 years.  But I will never own one.

But there are a lot of Mustang Guys out there.  Obviously because it seems a Hot Wheels batch can’t arrive without at least one Mustang tagging along.  I honestly pass by most of them, with a few exceptions.  The exceptions you ask?  A couple of Fastbacks that have appeared in the Vintage Racing line, the ’12 Custom that is just out in blue in the L cases, and this model, the Super Snake.

The choice to collect the Super Snake might be somewhat arbitrary.  Outside of a few details, it looks almost exactly like the other Shelby Mustangs Hot Wheels has done.  So what is it about this casting?  Is it because it is a Mustang supercar?  Honestly, I think it is because it debuted in 10-spoke wheels.  It is all I can think of.  I have such a fan of the 10-spokes that the low-profiled Super Snake sporting them just looked right, and I picked it up.  Then I picked up the red recolor.  Then the yellow.  Then the FTE versions out the following year.  Then the 10-spoke wheel variation on the teal version.  And now in 2013, the green version and this new white recolor.  I am still after the Super, and if I don’t come across one in the next few months, I might pursue one using other means.

So the 10-spokes drew me in, which is a good thing, because I don’t care much for the 2013 version.  The white is a vast improvement over the green, and it looks better in photos.  But it still sits back quite a distance from the versions of its first two years in existence.  Well, it isn’t that bad.  I just don’t like it as much.

One note, this version already has a wheel variation.  The model has appeared with light blue chrome wheels as well as straight chrome, like the model pictured here.  My uneducated guess is that the straight chrome will be the most rare, only because the blue chrome is pictured on the blister.  I guess we wait and see what comes out of the M cases once they hit the big box stores…

(Find all versions of the Super Snake, including the 2013 Super, on ebay…)

Hot Wheels ’10 Ford Shelby Gt-500 Super Snake (2013 basic in white):

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  1. Yes I like white one too. Just picked up one out of no where at Dollar General. Pristine finished. I recommend a high collectible item. Can careless about the TH.

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