First Look: An Emerging Classic – The Hot Wheels Honda S2000…

There is not much of a need to talk about this one.  It has been seen for quite awhile, it is a recolor of the earlier Evasive Motorsports model in blue, and Evasive rightfully performed the official First Look a few weeks ago.

So we will take a different angle.  Who knew the S2000 would have such a good run since its debut in 2011?  Yes, a few will argue that because they see it loom on the pegs a bit, it must be an unpopular model.  But the fact is we have now seen eight official versions, and all eight are fantastic.

It has been in existence for three years.  Year One, an FE that debuted with a racing kit body in three stock(ish) colors, then Year Two, the AEM model that made a nice run as one of the better looking Super Treasure Hunts of 2012, and now Year Three, taking the appearance of what had to be one of the casting’s inspirations, the Evasive S2K, and just appearing in red with some drifting detailing.

Hot Wheels is at its best when it captures different segments of the car culture world, some better known than others.  The S2K captures the world of modifying, racing and drifting perfectly.  It becomes a signature Hot Wheels car mainly because of that.  Who knows what Hot Wheels has planned for it in the future, but we hope to see Ryu Asada’s masterpiece in the lineup for years to come…

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Hot Wheels Honda S2000 (2013 Recolor):

All versions of the S2K:

6 Replies to “First Look: An Emerging Classic – The Hot Wheels Honda S2000…”

  1. Wonderful! Simply stunning. Ryu Asada really deserves a big thumbs up for this casting. I think this is a serious contender for one of the best executed models of 2013. The decaling is perfect, the wheel choice is good, colour is very nice and the casting itself is amazing. But I think this was designed to be more of a grip runner than a drift racer. Just look at the modifications. They don't look like they were made for drift racing. But it dosen't matter. I have the blue version already and now I'm gonna get this one too! Thanks for the photos!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. I have always had a lot of respect for the real S2000. It is a real driver's dream. While I never had the chance to get in the seat of a 1:1, I love to at least play with it on Gran Turismo. So will I try to find this one on the pegs? No doubt! These things warm the pegs in the dirty south, so finding one will be no problem.

  3. I think I might like this casting a little bit more if it had a Spoon style top without the rear wing. I see S2000's with just the Spoon top alone and it's an awesome set-up. Or, just change the wing to one as seen on the HW Honda Civic SI. I don't mind the way HW's has it is now, it just needs the right color combination; although, the blue Evasive edition is pretty cool. If this Honda casting continues past it's current run, it would be interesting to see what Hot Whells has in store for this one. Maybe a metallic green model or a white one w/black or gold wheels.

  4. Definitely one of my favorite cast!
    It is sad that first hot wheels removed the front light and now, in the 2013 versions, removed the tail light 🙁
    Besides that it is still fantastic

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