First Look: A Pair of Porsches – 918 Spider in red & multipack exclusive 911 GT2…

In keeping with a Porsche theme today, let’s show off two new Porsches from Hot Wheels…

First up, the 918 Spider in red.  I almost always prefer the 10sp to any other wheel, but I think the PR5’s on this one look better.  I am still somewhat mixed about this model.  Last year, to the surprise of many, we picked the Porsche Boxster as our Worst Model of the Year, mainly because of some flaws in the casting that made the model look a lot different than the real thing.  While the 918 doesn’t have the flaws that plagued the Boxster, there still is something not totally right.  Maybe the model is too small.  Maybe too narrow.  Hard to say.

There are some angles that look fantastic, but in hand it seems off.  But we are predictable, and Porsches go into the collection.

Next, the metalflake silver 911 GT2 that comes exclusively in gift packs.  This one was found in a 9-pack at Toys R Us, but I am sure they will eventually appear in 3-packs.  It appears that Hot Wheels is releasing models from previous years in new colors, and we love this idea.  Lately we have seen a new Laguna Seca Mustang, a new IROC Camaro, and a new Ford Falcon Race Car.  Count this silver Porsche as another.  While Porsche clearly is conservative in the designs it approves, making all the designs essentially the same, this appears to be a recolor of the 2012 model that showed in blue and Walmart exclusive yellow.

Wow, this is a terribly boring post.  Sorry.  The fact of the matter is one model underwhelms, another is just right, but the Tomica we featured earlier today elicits just a little more emotion.  Not that it is fair to compare HW and TLV, it is more about the real car each represents.  There is more personality in the classic Porsche.  But maybe that is the case with almost all classic designs, right?  While many current cars are a joy to drive, and look sharp, a lot of them just aren’t that interesting, especially design-wise.  There are some good designs (Ferrari and Cadillac come to mind), but there a lot that have lost a lot of luster.  I find myself drawn more and more to the nostalgics.  And I know I am not alone.  So yes, Hot Wheels, keep the Astons and Lambos and Paganis coming, but look at a classic Porsche occasionally too.  I won’t complain.

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Hot Wheels Porsche 918 Spider (2013 New Models) & 911 GT2 (Gift Pack exclusive):

The 911 GT2 collection continues to grow…

4 Replies to “First Look: A Pair of Porsches – 918 Spider in red & multipack exclusive 911 GT2…”

  1. I like that Porsche, silver is cool but the red one is very hot. I just don't like 10SP's. I feel that MC5's or PR5's work much better with most cars. I mean, just look at this year's '09 Corvette ZR1…those white 10SP are ugly and i need to replace them.

  2. Now that's a very nice pair of Porsches. I still haven't found the silver 918 so I might abandon that and start hunting for this red one instead because it looks really pretty. And the GT2, oh it looks brilliant as well. I had the blue one from 2012 and the debut version in silver but both of them met with accidents and are now sitting in my tiny scrap yard and so no more GT2s in my collection. I never thought I would find another GT2 but I guess I was wrong. I have to get both of these now. Thanks for the report and pics!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

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