First Look: Hot Wheels HWC Special Edition ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport…

For those of you who frequent the HWC, you will know that this is technically not the first “First Look” of this model.  That distinction belongs to the legendary John Rino, whose photographs motivate a lot of people to take up the hobby.

Taking photos like those that John does (second to none), and those we try to do, takes a lot of trial and error, a lot of patience, and the ability to adjust.  Some models don’t want to cooperate, others don’t come out right at all, and others take a little doctoring to show what they really look like to the naked eye.

But then are models like the HWC Special Edition Gran Torino Sport.  We haven’t dealt with a lot of the RLC models, in their amazing spectraflame finish, but now that we have one…uh, wow.  The paint on this model is astounding.  You don’t want to touch it, get fingerprints on it, and blemish it in any way.  So we photographed it and put it away, in its new home with all the other HW Gran Torino Sports.  And we bought a second to keep carded.

This Gran Torino Sport is a brand new casting, with quite a few modifications from the basic version.  The metal base and opening hood are the most obvious, but there are others as well, as you look closer.  The stance is slightly higher, which is fine with us.  It gets to show off its GT Real Rider shoes that way.

We have talked about this model before, and it is one of our favorites.  In fact, I am very comfortable saying the Gran Torino Sport is personally my favorite Hot Wheels American muscle car casting (although some would argue it isn’t a muscle car at all).

Getting this version was a no brainer, which has not happened with us and RLC cars much in the past.  A lot of Hot Wheels collectors who are RLC members like the nostalgic Hot Wheels castings.  Those from early on.  It has been nice to see other castings mix in lately, like the IROC Camaro, 240Z, and Shelby Cobra, which makes us hope we might see even a higher variety of models as RLC exclusives in the future.

In the meantime, enjoy the pics.  They practically took themselves.

Wait, one other thing.  It frustrates me that the RLC is not available to overseas collectors.  We hear rumblings that Mattel is looking into the logistics of a worldwide RLC, and it is our hope that changes soon.  Hopefully soon, whoever in the world that wants to acquire one of these models can.  In the meantime, here are some that are available on ebay for anyone to snag.  Click on the link below:

Hot Wheels RLC ’72 Gran Torino Sport

Hot Wheels ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport (2013 RLC Special Edition):

With this year’s Super Treasure Hunt:

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  1. The base is much better on this, with only one piece doing the job. Beautiful model. I own some RLC models myself and it's just like you said. It's an eye candy.

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