A Lamley Poll: What is your favorite recent nostalgic Japanese Hot Wheels casting?

Every once in awhile a discussion starts, it continues, it elevates, and no conclusions can be reached.

And that is because certain discussions can’t conclude with a solution.  Conversations like “What is the best movie ever?” (Fargo), “What is the best album ever?” (Music Has the Right to Children), or “Who is the best TV character ever?” (Walter White).  And that totally holds true with our little hobby.

We being the JDM dorks we are, the “What is the best Hot Wheels JDM model that they have produced in the last few years” started up, and has not concluded.  I myself can’t even come up with an answer.  So we at Lamley decided to see what you think.  We decided to go with nostalgic castings only.  While the official cutoff is 25 years, we got a little lax and allowed the R32 Skyline in (it debuted in 1989).

We will occasionally throw out a poll to you guys just for our own entertainment, and we hope you participate.  After this one, we are thinking of some Corvette-oriented poll, but we will get to that later.

For now, look below.  There is a poll, followed by pics.  Take a look at the photos below, and vote on your favorite.

REMEMBER, we are voting on the CASTING, not the specific model pictured.  We tried to pull best examples to each casting to give you an idea.

And this is not just for Japanese car fans.  You may love your muscle more, or your super cars, but of these pictured, what is your fave?

Have a looksy, and submit your vote.  And even better, explain why you chose what you chose in the comments section.  We just might print a few reader’s comments.

We will leave the poll open for a few days…

(As a bonus, click on the name of each model to see what is available on ebay, in case you are missing a few for your collection.)

What is your favorite nostalgic Japanese Hot Wheels model?

Datsun 240Z

Datsun 510 Bluebird

Datsun 510 Wagon

Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X

Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R

Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

Honda CR-X

Mazda RX-7

Toyota 2000GT

’70 Toyota Celica

’82 Toyota Supra

Toyota AE86 Corolla

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 (sorry, carded is the only photo we have)

’87 Toyota Truck

Subaru BRAT

Mad Manga

24 Replies to “A Lamley Poll: What is your favorite recent nostalgic Japanese Hot Wheels casting?”

  1. Toyota 2000GT. one word=SEXY. it may be a “clone” or having similar cues with the jaguar(and that too is sexy). those curves, that low sleek serodynamic submarine missile shape. That nozaki arc, that droopy front and that short rear ovedhang. Hotwheels had captured it, in my opinion, perfectly, in this scale. i have the Tomica version as well, but now, i prefer the Hotwheels' take on it.

  2. I may voted the Bluebird or the Datsun Wagon becuase of the posibilites they have for been customized, but my vote was for 87 Truck, becuase it's Marty's truck!

  3. Is this the only poll you guys have? Cuz last time the Toyota Truck won but only a few knows about the second poll 🙁 And the Toyota truck lost. I love Toyota Truck plus now it have Mcfly truck 😉

  4. The original Datsun Bluebird 510 wins by just a hair over the Kenmeri. Both fantastic castings, but I'm partial to the one that was sold in the U.S., just because I can relate to it more. Saw a bone-stock 510 sedan yesterday; a little rust, but still going strong.

  5. 2000GT, hands down. I love its design, details, and proportion. Has a stock body too, which is a bonus! (Says a lot, coming from Hot Wheels.) Truly a sweetheart!

    Gotta give an honorable nod to the 240Z though, that was also one of my favorite cars for a long time. That body never gets old.

  6. I had to vote for the Jackie Robinson of Hot Wheels, the Mad Manga. Breaking down barriers and educating the masses, all while looking super cool. I can't wait to get more recolors. Honorable mention to the gorgeous 2000GT and super-accurate Kenmeri.

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