First Look: Hot Wheels Pagani Huayra…

The superb Batch L is upon us.  Hot Wheels decided to throw speed our way with a couple of Mustangs, Michael Keaton’s Batmobile, another Kool Kombi, and two supercars, the Acura NSX and Pagani Huayra.

We must start with the Pagani.  There are several reasons why.  This is the first Pagani in the Hot Wheels lineup.  That is a good thing, and maybe this will compel them to do the Zonda at some point.  Second, with the Huayra going mainstream, it will be a whole lot of fun to listen to people try and pronounce the name.  Think about those TH-only collectors as they talk amongst themselves.  “Yeah, I seen that-there Batch L got’s some a dem-dere Camaros, Mustangs, and Pagani Who-aye-rah or whatever that thing is…”

Not that we expect everyone to be able to pronounce Huayra at first glance, but…

The Lamley Group and its friends pride themselves in being car guys first, and car guys will at least look up the pronunciation before trying to say it out loud.  So if you need help, it is pronounced “wai-rah”, which is named after Huayratata, the Incan god of the wind.  But you knew that already.

And we love that.  Horacio Pagani, the founder of the Pagani, loves to discuss the marriage of function and art in his car creations, and the Huayra happily confirms his obsession.  Look at the cars performance and reviews, and you know it is a serious hypercar.  Look at the car and you know it was painstakingly designed to look good standing still.

So it is with that is mind that we take a look at the mini version Hot Wheels has just released.  Unfair to judge it that way?  Probably.  But to be honest, while maybe a little too boxy, and maybe sitting a little too high, the Hot Wheels version is quite nice.

The real car’s best angle is from the rear at a 3/4 view, and the same goes for the Hot Wheels’.  A straight-up side view doesn’t do the design too much justice, as the true movement of the lines aren’t really captured.  Same with the Hot Wheels Pagani.  You start really looking at it, and it becomes apparent that this is a very nicely done $1 model.  It just needed to sit slightly lower.

The other thing missing, but not surprisingly so, is the fantastic pair of fender mirrors.  There is no way Hot Wheels could add those without them becoming full metal blobs, so they get a pass.  All in all, a very nice mini version of a gorgeous vehicle…

(Find the Pagani and the rest of 2013 Batch L at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels Pagani Huayra (2013 New Model):

(Just notice as we adjust the angles the car starts looking better and better…)

With another hypercar, the Aston Martin One-77:

While not on the same level as the OEM Pagani, the Hot Wheels surely holds its own…

7 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Pagani Huayra…”

  1. 'Why-rah', Thats what I have seen and heard. Anyway, beautiful casting indeed! Colour choice is nice. But still something about it feels wrong. The front just looks like they forgot to put the bumpers on and overall it looks very unfinished. Its not in the same class as the Orange one. Still, a good one but not as good as I expected. TY for the pics.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. I can't wait to have this and hope that they'll release a silver variant soon 'cause I think it looks better than metallic red.

  3. Pretty cool. I collect supercars, so I will be having my eye out for these. You know how these exotic car companies like to do it; they like to give Mattel the license to make the castings, then snatch it right back. Remember Bugatti? Does Maserati ring a bell? Hopefully Pagani doesn't pull off that bullshit, so if you really want this casting, it's better to spend $1 now, rather than to spend $50 later on.

  4. Yes … shades of the Bugatti!
    Funny, I was looking at the Lamley sneak peak of this Pagani, back on April 29th. I was then reminded of my little boys' Burgundy One-77 and noticed, as shown above, they look to be the same exact color, hmmmmm?!? I believe a different color could do this casting a better justice.
    Anyhow, it's awesome HW's decided to execute this because it's a Pagani, which is a first; I was dying to obtain one for my collection. Importantly though, for kids and adult collectors alike, it will bring more popularity to the Pagani name.
    A Zonda would be a great offering as well! (Hint Hint Hot Wheels!)

  5. John

    Your pronounciation comments made me chuckle – I work with AMG who provide the fabulous engine in this car and we always have a lot of fun getting people to say the name…check out Mushedroom's L-case unboxing video on youtube – he was struggling as well 🙂 he is always very complimentary about your blog by the way…
    Thank you for all your great posts!

  6. Having driven many Mercedes with the bi turbo amg v12 and loving pagani, i'm glad that I picked up the silver variant today. The hot wheel doesn't do the car justice, but it is still a cool casting. At least the thought was there.

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