Model(s) of the Day: Hot Wheels Boulevard ’58 Plymouth Belvedere & ’84 Mustang SVO…

Pretty car alert…

A day after showing the ultra-cool TLV Mitsubishi Galant and Hot Wheels Ferrari 288 GTO, which came a day after showing the TLV Porsche 911 S.  All three of those are in the Lamley wheelhouse for looks, but we can wander outside said wheelhouse occasionally.

That new Plymouth casting is purty.  We know a beautiful car when we see one.  So we will show it off.  Typical Boulevard.  And typical 2013 Boulevard.  New castings or existing, the models are just amazing.  This one is a must-have.

Oh, and there is this Mustang too.  The Super Mustang from the mid-80’s.  The second version of this casting, after last year’s Hot Ones release.  Not to be confused with the ’92 Mustang, by the way.

Enjoy the pics, and find the 2013 Boulevard on ebay.  We are getting more and more worried that these will ever show up on the pegs…

Hot Wheels Boulevard ’58 Plymouth Belvedere & ’84 Mustang SVO:

4 Replies to “Model(s) of the Day: Hot Wheels Boulevard ’58 Plymouth Belvedere & ’84 Mustang SVO…”

  1. Both of these cars are deserving of a nice mention, they are welcome in my home anytime.

    That being said, the Belvedere is the belle of the ball. That one is fantastically beautiful.

  2. I once worked with a guy who had the 1:1 version of the SVO Mustang with the recessed headlights. The aero design lights didn't appear until '85 and I think they only offered the SVO turbo 4 in '84 and '85. I am a Mustang fan and this is my newest Mustang grail! I do love this Belvedere as well! It is simply beautiful. I'd be happy to pay a little more for either of these as it's unlikely I'll see them on my local pegs anytime soon.

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