Model of the Day: Hot Wheels 2011 Ferrari 5-pack Ferrari 288 GTO…

A lot of the time, when we feature a specific casting as Model of the Day, we like to show several versions.  Other times, like today, there is one version that stands out so much, we just feature it on its own.

That is the case with the Ferrari 288 GTO from the 2011 Hot Wheels Ferrari 5-pack.  There have been several versions of the 288 GTO since its debut in 2008, including some delectable Garage versions.  Red, yellow, black, grey, and even some in Hot Ones deco.

And of course doing the 288 GTO in whatever color it wants is Hot Wheels’ prerogative, as long as Ferrari approves it.  But the real car was only released in red (outside of one disputed yellow prototype).  Only 272 cars total, highly collectible, and frankly beautiful.  The 288 shares the same design queues as the 308 GTB, and was probably the last hurrah before Ferraris started getting a bit over the top design-wise (of course that is my opinion).

So here we have Hot Wheels’ version in white.  Not a stock color for the 288, and the PR5’s are probably not the appropriate choice among the normal options.  Who cares!?!  Just look at it.  There are a lot of Hot Wheels Ferrari castings, and there are a lot of versions of those many castings, and with all those, this white Ferrari is one of the best.

(Find the HW Ferrari 288 GTO on ebay [there is even a couple of white versions]…)

Hot Wheels Ferrari 288 GTO (2011 Ferrari 5-pack):

8 Replies to “Model of the Day: Hot Wheels 2011 Ferrari 5-pack Ferrari 288 GTO…”

  1. I have this. Absolutely beautiful! One of the best 'old' Ferraris of the last couple of years. It looks so astonishing in that pearl white and those PR5 wheels. It reminds me of Miami Vice even though its not a Red Head. So good that words or pictures don't do this car any justice!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. This is my all time favorite Hot Wheels casting. The garage series cars were on par with the Kyosho 288 GTO detail wise but feel nicer in hand due to being all die cast. I've got one of every color except the Hot Ones and love them. If you watch Top Gear, you may have seen this, but Chris Evans has a nice Ferrari collection including a white 288 GTO.

    Ben – 250 TR on Hobbytalk – ScuderiaFerrariTX on HWC

  3. Easily my favorite Ferrari casting (the 308 Quattrovalvo is second), this is indeed a fantastic version.


  4. That was my favorite car out of that whole 5-pack, besides the 430 Scuderia (which was no chopped liver either). The wheels are debatable, although I think they are decent myself. But, that color was perfect. It is just something about pearl white for me, especially on this car. And the whole thing had detail all around, front and back. This version was just incredible, from start to finish. I bought about five of those same packs just for that car alone. To each his own, but personally, I do not see how they could have done any better, in my opinion.

  5. WOW! I thought. How awesome to see this particular casting as “Model of the Day”! About a year ago when I was getting in to collecting, I purchased the Ferrari 5-pack set. I only wanted the 430 Scuderia and the 599 at the time.
    I put the rest mixed into plastic eggs for an Easter egg hunt for my 7 yr old.
    Whenever I saw that 288 GTO lying around after an occasional race on the rug, it would continue to grow on me. I started to see how much that model captivated my eye due to the pearl white hue; enhancing it's shape. I might add, the yellow badges and the red and orange taillights help bring it all together nicely. The PR5's compliment well also.
    Although I recently came upon a “Hot Ones” red edition w/red line/lettered tires in ToysRus, I now will have to go hunt for this white beauty and become a proud owner like my son!

  6. I just dug it back out of hiding after the purchase and bent the card up! I was originally going to preserve it in package, but oh well. I guess that means i'll have to maybe release it into my loose collection and enjoy it as done here at the Lamley Group.

  7. This is my favorite die cast Hot Wheels car, too, the detailing is incredible. It looks like the Ferrari I always dreamed of parking in my driveway. Actually, I'd rather buy a mansion and part it in the heated garage.

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