Model of the Day: Tomica Limited Vintage Porsche 911 S…

This is easily the most dangerous habit I have gotten into since I started collecting.

But even with that I have no regrets at all.  Tomica Limited Vintage models are not cheap, but they are completely worth it.  We have made this case before, and will continue to make it.  After all we have a slew of models in our possession or on their way.

Tomica is clearly making a run at expanding their appeal.  Lately both the Tomica basic and Limited lines have made a distinct turn to non-Japanese carmakers.  Of course that leaves us with mixed feelings.  On one hand, we hate to see Tomica deemphasize what has made the TLV line so great – nostalgic Japanese cars, especially those that normally don’t get minicar attention.

On the other hand, seeing other iconic cars getting the TLV treatment is a total treat.  As we have said numerous times, Tomica Limited Vintage is among the best at 1:64 models, so we can’t complain when they take on any car.  Lately we have seen the VW Golf, a Mercedes (which we will feature later), Porsche, and just out, Audi.  You can find many of them at Daboxtoys right now (until they sell out).

So while we lament the thought that some Japanese cars that we have wanted to see as TLVs may take a little while longer to be made, we will thoroughly enjoy the models they are putting out.

And here at Lamley, that starts with an pure sports car icon, the Porsche 911.  I don’t think there is a 911 I don’t like, from its inception in the 1960’s all the way to now, but it is the earliest versions that illicit the most love.  The mid-60’s 911’s are perfect design-wise.  The 911 at its most simple and stunning.

And if you can improve on perfect, it would be the 1966 911S, which adds one of my favorite Porsche signatures, the Fuchs 5-leaf allow wheels.  Wheels and rims are the final, vital touch on a car, and many times can make or break its looks.  The 5-leafs are some of my favorite wheels on any car.

So that is why I was so happy to see that Tomica not only created the 911S, but put the proper shoes on it as well.  I would love to see a brand like Hot Wheels or Matchbox take on the early 911, but obviously the 5-leafs would not be included.  With the TLV they are here, and that made the TLV 911S a no-brainer to add to the collection.

(There are several colors of the 911S.  Find some of the Tomica Limited Vintage Porsche on ebay…)

Tomica Limited Vintage Porsche 911S:

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