First Look: Hot Wheels Flying Customs Porsche 935…

Sorry everyone for the late post today.  Late or not, we have a pretty one to show off today.

We will start with a question:

Are the Flying Customs pegwarming as bad in your area as they are in ours?  The pegs are stuffed here.  We ask, because when you look at this Porsche today, you see how great the FC cars can look.  And with some great models on the docket for this series, including the Kenmeri Skyline, you wonder if we will get to them.

If our area is any indication, this series, like the Hot Ones before, is not going to last long.  It just has not generated any excitement among consumers.  Collectors might like them, but non-collectors don’t, and that is why so many continue to hand around.  So with Boulevard on the way out, and we cannot see FC lasting past this year, the focus moves to the upcoming Cool Classics line.  We will just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, we wait and see if Flying Customs makes it to the end of 2013.  With models like the 935, we sure hope it does.  The poor 935 debuted in the last batch of the Hot Wheels Racing Series, to limited release, and now resides in the FC lineup that might not even make it to retail.  Maybe it needs some time in the mainline in order for everyone to get a shot at it.  It is a beautiful casting…

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Hot Wheels Porsche 935 (2013 Flying Customs):

9 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Flying Customs Porsche 935…”

  1. Beautiful casting indeed. I always loved the 935/78, better known as the 'mobydick'. I first saw this in NFS:Porsche Unleashed and I've liked it since then. Unfortunately, the HW release didn't seem to get the love it deserved. Like you said, I would definitely like to see this in the mainline in the future. And possibly one in the famous 'martini' racing colours. Hopefully, that would bring some liveliness to the casting.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. It's my favorite “modern Hot Wheels” casting. This car deserves so much better than being limited to boutique lines. Sure, it'd get overdone by graphics in the mainline, but it's such a quality casting.

    I loved this car when I saw back when it hit the racing scene. Moby Dick still sits as one of the most impressive race cars to this day.

    I fear this mix won't ever make it to retailers here, so I won't get this one or the 914 unless I buy online. If there weren't so many people obsessed with chase cars, they might begin to see the quality in these lines.


  3. Here in the Bay Area ca. Fc are peg warming at almost very kmart, walmart and target. Sadly I also don't see us seeing all the fc in stores. But we better at least see the kenmeri!! Don't really understand why hotwheels continue with a concept they knew hasn't worked in the past. Hotones didn't sell well because they were too basic looking for the price imho. Fc has the exact same problem.. Shame really.

  4. This casting in the mainline version would be plastic. The FC line and HOs line are in my opinion 70s early 80s when HW was putting out all metal. If they were put into the mainlines and didn't sell they would lose money.

  5. As mentioned, I fear this line will die before long. Distribution was horrible on this, as all the stores around me got 3+ cases of mix “A” right from the get go….and there they still sit. I just don't understand how/why they do this…I'll never see another mix here. A shame, there was some really nice stuff coming too….


  6. Same here… I love the crazy aerodynamic body from the days of NFS5 (Porsche Unleashed)
    Had to get it. Now I have 4 road racer ones… and appreciate.

    (Also bought a Tamiya kit…will have to wait till I have the time to work on it)

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