Announcing the 1-day shipping/Spring Sale at Wheel Collectors…

We wanted to pop in to let you know that our good friends over at Wheel Collectors have just announced their Spring Sale event.  This is a perfect time to grab some of those models you have had your eyes on for awhile.

Two reasons why:

– EVERYTHING in the store is 11% off.  Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Cars, Monster Jams, MB 60th, Boulevard.  No matter the scarcity, price, or anything else, everything is on sale.  No need to provide a promo code or anything like it.  The discount is automatic.

– EVERYTHING is guaranteed to ship within 1 day.  Considering the volume Wheel Collectors deals with every day, this is quite the promise.  Definitely worth taking advantage of…

Follow the link to the Wheel Collectors store to take advantage.

Our thought?  Grab the 2013 Boulevard cars.  We are getting less and less confident that these will make retail.  We hope they do, but things seem to really be slowing down.  Hobby dealers may be the way to go.

Have fun…

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