First Look: Matchbox 60th Anniversary Aston Martin DBS Volante…

We here at Lamley fancy ourselves car nuts in general.  That said, we know our bias towards JDM is hard to mask, so we will happily embrace it.  But that does not mean we can thoroughly appreciate a good muscle car, some sleek German engineering, or some Italian sexiness.  We do.  We also know that there is nothing on four wheels as beautiful as an Aston Martin.

And that appears to be the case in small scale as well.  Mattel has indulged us with a few Aston castings the last few year, including Hot Wheels’ V12 Vantage, One-77, and DBS.  Of those three the DBS shines the most, and continues to be one of my personal favorites models.

And the same can be said for Matchbox’s topless version.  The Volante got the signature Matchbox treatment.  Great lines, nice proportion, lots of detail, and some great colors.

All that peaks with the 60th Anniversary model in metallic happy blue.  Yes, outside of a box, a little windshield detailing, and a 60th logo on the trunk, this model is technically not much more than what we have seen the basic range.  But it will be hard to keep this beauty on the pegs.  That blue just stands out.

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Matchbox Aston Martin DBS Volante (2013 60th Anniversary):

The Family:

With its Hot Wheels counterpart:

7 Replies to “First Look: Matchbox 60th Anniversary Aston Martin DBS Volante…”

  1. I saw this at a local toy show last weekend. I'm curious if it's available locally, or if they somehow got hold of one elsewhere. Either way, they were asking way too much for it…as one can imagine.

  2. This is a casting I started to collect. To me, it doesn't matter which color they put on it, because it is a nice casting. And if I wanted to change the color, I would have enough to customize, which is a lot! I think the blue works very well. I adore this casting because I love Aston Martins. Who would dislike this car?

  3. Just to clarify my first comment was sargassum, I love this casting I knew it was metal just looking at the pic. I was trying to make a point. The metal vs. The plastic is a tremendous Difference. When they(MB) put one together right it's right. This is right but it still dose not fit the price. This compares to the HW Flyin Colors line and that should be where the price should be. If Mattel is going to ask more be consistent. If they want that price put rubber on the rims and it will be in HW Boulavard series which is around the same price. It seems staff at Mattel are all in different places. No one knowing what anyone else is doing. I said on another thread this line is basically mainline product with a box and tripled in price. I looked at all the ones that were there this one was not but this one looks better than all I seen but still would not pay the price. I picked up the Ford F350 only to keep my forestry theme going and that was like pulling teeth to send the money. If they have rubber on the rims and absolutely NO plastic for this line there isn't one issue with this line. With this line (and this may be me) I feel MB is taking advantage well Mattel is. Whoever didn't compare their products and price line. It make no sense when you look at their other similar lines. This economy stinks for everyone and Mattel and any other manufacturer should be glad loyal hobbyists are continuing buying. Really, looking at the 60th line no one can see that the price dose not fit? That and the fact they show shear brilliance at times it's beyond me why they can't be consistent….

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