First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard ’12 Ford Fiesta…

A casting that started as Ken Block’s drift car now sports a metal base and real riders in the Boulevard lineup.

There is not much to say about this one specifically, although I do like its design.  What I will say is it is a shame this Boulevard lineup is getting cut short.  Four batches of 20 cars total, and then it gives way to the new Cool Classics.  You can’t argue with sales.  Boulevard sales have not been what Mattel hoped, so we move on.  So be it.  But it is too bad, because Boulevard was definitely hitting its stride this year.

Less reliance on muscle and fantasy, and currently more variety.  The fact that this Fiesta is joined by the Long Gone, two 80’s cars (Hurst Olds and Honda CR-X), and a ’66 Chevelle is all the proof you need. But if you need more, look to the first batch (Hakosuka Skyline, Datsun 510 Wagon, Pontiac Fiero, Renault 5 Turbo, and a ’55 Corvette), or the next batch (Ford GT LM, Subaru Brat, Chevy Astrovan, Plymouth Belvedere), and hopefully that is proof enough.  Of course HWC Van has shown a few more to RLC members, and Jeep Wagoneers, Ford Broncos, and Porsche 993’s can be even more proof if you really need it.

The Cool Classics look to be shaping up nicely, but they don’t seem to have the variety that Boulevard was pushing.  That is too bad.  But then again, what do I know?  I am not privy to the sales numbers, nor do I know what Mattel’s research shows, but I trust it (maybe the “moms don’t play with their kids” comment could have been thought through a little better).  I watch collectors go ballistic about certain things that Mattel’s brands do, and the way they harshly criticize, as well as the asinine assumptions they make, and it drives me batty.  It is one thing to not like something, that is part of our hobby.  It is something else entirely to whine about it.  Some of these comments I read are wildly entertaining in the way the shirtless toothless witness of a crime on the news is entertaining, and other times excruciatingly frustrating.

Yes, I am sad the Boulevard line is leaving.  It was one of my favorites.  But I can’t argue with Mattel’s decision.  Of course they make mistakes, but let’s thank our lucky stars that many of the know-it-all collectors who love to voice their opinions on forums and elsewhere aren’t in charge.

If there is something we don’t fancy here at Lamley, we don’t show it.  We hope that is about as negative as it gets.  If this hobby can’t bring joy, then there is no reason to participate.

Sorry for the tangents.

(Looking for 2013 Boulevard Batch B?  Find it here…)

Hot Wheels ’12 Ford Fiesta (2013 Boulevard):

6 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard ’12 Ford Fiesta…”

  1. This run of 20 cars for the Boulevard line is shaping up to be the best set of cars HW ever produced.

    As for this Fiesta, I think it looks great, though some headlight and tail light detail for the price would have been nice. Still, this is one hell of a release. I'm normally not for the 6-spoke real riders (something about them just doesn't work in my eyes most of the time), but they work well here. I love this shade of blue and the simple tampos look great.

    I'm hoping I can collect these 4 mixes of Boulevard. Cool Classics are looking great though I'm skeptical about the wheels. But, like many I'm sure, I'm hoping more variety (i.e., more modern vehicles) get into the series at some point. Van posted a preliminary list for the RLC members and it's got the feel of the original Classics series, which I believe the only post-1990 vehicle used was the '06 Viper, and the Custom '07 Mustang, Camaro Concept and Challenger Concept: 4 vehicles out of 145. Luckily they won't be getting crazy w/ multiple colors.

    Can't wait for the next Blvd release pics 😀


  2. I too am sad to see the Boulevard line go, it was one I tried to complete,(along with it's former Garage counterpart) until this year. I would argue that because of the influx of “tuner” style vehicles, this attributed to it's demise. I've left some of them hanging just cause they weren't my bag. (and I'm cutting back due to $ and storm related issues and being cured of “completionist” habits)
    Now, I'm coming from a love of 40's-50's era cars and classic muscle, so you can see why I say that. That being said, I do like some of the tuners or European vehicles depending on the deco and model. I don't begrudge anyone their likes or dislikes, and I'm happy some of you guys have things to pick off the pegs… it's what collecting is all about.
    I'm right with you on the “batty” collector syndrome, drives me up a wall too. Oh well, what are you gonna do…
    thanx for the time and effort you put into your blog, it's well done and always informative…and remember, this is from a classics guy! 🙂


  3. Great article John!! And my thoughts exactly about the some of the stuff that gets posted on the forums…some entertaining and some, well, I just want to gouge my eyes out with a fork LOL!!!

    Keep up the fantasic work!!

    Angel – tranze1125

  4. Yeah, I think at this price point, we should at least see some detailing. This is almost how much Johnny Lightnings and M2s cost, and those are extremely detailed and well done. I guess people keep buying these, and that's what's important to Mattel, but still…
    Oh gosh, I'm sounding like those collectors you're talking about up there…sorry!
    Boulevard is/was awesome, I just wish I could find some from 2013.

  5. Well sad to hear it's going but I'm sure what they have planned will work. Boulevard line ultimately came from Larry's Garage. I thought some great ideas came out of that line as well. Anxious to see the brat and hopefully get my hands on one finally that and the Belvedere. I would love to see that in L.A.P.D livery.

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