Canadian Exclusive? 2012 Matchbox Gift Pack exclusive Chevy Silverado (and other National Parks models…)

We have enjoyed profiling rare models of the Mattel era here at Lamley, whether they meant to be rare or not.  Models like the Line Preview Hazard Squad were produced in extremely small numbers (essentially 25-30) and were meant to be very exclusive.  Others remain a mystery.  The Chilean Mini was supposed be distributed in 3-packs extensively, but only ended up being found in very small number in Chile and some small areas of Europe.

We potentially have another mystery rarity on our hands from the 2012 Matchbox lineup.  And if it does stay rare, there will be a lot of unhappy collectors.  And I am not talking about completists (who will obviously be unhappy there is a model they can’t find.  I am talking about those collectors that love the National Parks Series that Matchbox is building piece by piece.

The National Parks Series I speak of is not an official series.  It is a non-licensed livery made up by Mattel to look close to the actual National Parks vehicles here in the United States.  Every year since 2006, Matchbox has put at least one (more likely two) models in this simple livery.  There will always be slight changes in the design from one model to the next, but the look and color is the same.  And it is not to be confused with the Forest Service vehicles that look very similar.

In 2012, two Matchbox models were dressed up in this livery: The Ford F-550 (a logical choice), and the modified high-rising Chevy Silverado.  The F-550 appeared in the basic range, and the Silverado was to appear in the final gift pack of 2012.

There is one problem though.  The 2013 gift packs are already on the shelves at most stores, and the Silverado pack appeared to have been skipped.  It still might show up somewhere, but in the meantime the National Parks version has only been found in Canada.  So to be on the safe side, I contacted a fellow collector in Canada, and after an extensive search he was able to find one to send.

It arrived last week, and I finally found some time to photograph it.  Collectors around the world, keep your eye open for this pack.  If you see it, let me know.  I have a lot of friends without it and maybe we as part of the Lamley community can help out…

(If you want expand your collection of this livery, find your National Parks models here)

Matchbox Chevy Silverado (2012 Gift Pack exclusive):

And all the National Parks models from the past, in order of their release:

Chevy Tahoe

Off-Road Rider

Hummer H3 Concept

Land Rover Discovery

VW 4×4

Baja Bandit

International Workstar Fire Engine

Ford F-550

Chevy Silverado

Which one is your favorite?  Hands down for me, it is the International Brush Truck.

And for kicks, together with its “non-raised” compatriot:

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  1. I actually found 2 of these packs at a local toys R US in southern California, unfortunately i did not pick them up because the packs of course cost a bit more money and i did not know the rarity of the vehicle inside… another one that ive missed 🙁

  2. A propos trucks – today before work I bought a brilliant blue '63 Studebaker Champ! With Good Year Eagle tires, head and back lights and fantastic “STUDEBAKER” tampo it is one of the best made Hot Wheels of last years.
    Best regards,

  3. Why not distribute these in the US? I myself like the forestry liveries, sorry I didn't have the chance to buy these. Anyone that dose Diorammas or model railroading would love to have these.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  4. It's a shame that this one is so hard to find, especially since I don't recall seeing the lifted Silverado in quite some time. It's also the best-looking of last year's gift pack exclusives.


  5. Well, its a sad day for those who love the National Parks series and the lifted Silverado. It definitely looks good in that livery. Another lovely model which I won't have the chance to acquire. Also John, the Hummer you talk about, isn't an H3. Its an H2 SUV concept. The H3 did come in National Parks clothes, but it was white, not the usual green. There are also many other models missing here, like the Toyota 4Runner and the Land Rover Defender, etc etc. Just for your notice.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  6. I just went to the store and picked up 4 of these 10 packs with the Silverado. Let me know if you want them

    Ryan Kuan

  7. I've set it free, then put it back in the box. (as I really wanted the other cars in the pack)
    Someone on TTP placed a want ad, and I decided to mail it, but I don't know what mailing method is the safest/cheapest, and how to mail it properly.

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