Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Star Trek Starship Enterprise, Kool Kombi recolor…

Another quick check-in to show another brand new Batch H model hitting the pegs overseas.  Lamley Facebook friend Efi Fathy just picked this one up at his local toy store and wanted to share:

Yes, it doesn’t have wheels, which bothered a few people about last year’s The Bat, but Hot Wheels’ love affair with Hollywood continues, and I know a lot of us are pretty pleased with it…

He also sent pics of the latest Kool Kombi.  Not the Brazilian green of the last model, but sambarrific nonetheless:

What do you think?

And many thanks to all of our Facebook friends for sharing their finds.  If you haven’t joined us on Facebook yet, we hope you do.

7 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Star Trek Starship Enterprise, Kool Kombi recolor…”

  1. Good luck finding the Star Trek Enterprise. With all of the Star Trek fans around, it will disappear the minute it hits the shelves

  2. I found a Green Kool Kombi… But its so damn ugly I left it. My favorite color is orange and that still doesn't save it lol

  3. Packaging the enterprise as a mainline is over the top and a very pleasant surprise. I see one saved carded and one hanging from the ceiling. 🙂

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