Question of the Week: What is your favorite Hot Wheels Camaro casting (and a look at the Camaro Road Race)…

I just got the courage to open the 2012 Camaro Road Race Super Treasure Hunt.  And to be honest, I like it even more now that I have it in hand.

So off to the Lamley photo studio it went, along with the rest of its family.  What a great casting, and I have to say my favorite Hot Wheels Camaro casting…

Hmmm, that gives me an idea…

I have our Question of the Week!  It is straight forward and simple.

What is your favorite Hot Wheels Camaro casting?

If I like someone’s answer (not what they choose, but their reasons for it) I might give away a little something.  Sell me…  And while you ponder your answer, let me try to sway you into my camp with these photos of all versions of the Road Race Camaro…

(By the way, want a little fun fact?  The Camaro Road Race was designed by Camaro nut and chief Matchbox designer Dave Weise.  The orange and blue are crossing the hall all the time…)

(Hot Wheels Camaro Road Race for sale…)

Hot Wheels 1970 Camaro Road Race:

2011 Mainline

2012 Kroger Super Speeders

2012 Super Treasure Hunt

2012 Mainline red

2012 Mainline black

2013 Mainline

And a little more of the Super TH:

13 Replies to “Question of the Week: What is your favorite Hot Wheels Camaro casting (and a look at the Camaro Road Race)…”

  1. The 2013 Mainline to me is the total package, It gives off such a strong Pro Touring vibe. The red interior shows off the detail well, while contrasting well against the black body. Same goes for the splitter (I was not a huge fan of the chrome one on the 2012 black mainline). The retro inspired graphics and modern looking blacked out five spokes complete the package.

    Sorry for not knowing the terminology (name of the wheels etc)

  2. I'm with everyone else; the Road Race Camaro is the best looking one here. The stripes are correct, more or less, for a 1980 Camaro–same body, more or less, just opposite end of its life–and so while strictly they're “wrong” for a '70 1/2 split-bumper RS, they still look fantastic. Red interior is a nice touch too; really sets off the black.

  3. While I do love the '70 Camaro Road Race casting, and it is indeed my favorite of recent Camaro castings, I'd have to say my favorite all time is the original Blown Camaro from the '80's. The car symbolized what HW stood for: raked look, blown motor, side pipes, metal/metal construction, even a sunroof! It's a piece of nostalgia from my childhood. I never had one but my best friend growing up did, and I always played with it whenever I was at his house.

    While they still have the general casting, it's just a shell of its former self: plastic body, no blown engine, no sun roof, and no interior depending on the release. It was OK in the late '90's when they tooled it w/o the engine and sunroof because it retained the metal/metal construction.

    So, yes, the '70 Camaro Road Race is a fantastic casting and easily one of the best detail-wise, the original '80's Blown Camaro holds that special place in my heart.


  4. My favorite Hot Wheels Camaro casting is the Heavy Chevy that was in the modern classics sub-line a couple of years ago. it's not completely accurate to the 1969 Camaro, and it's not the most detailed, but it's fun 🙂

    a close second is actually a tie between the new concept Camaro and the '10 Camaro SS mainly because I appreciate the fact that Hot Wheels actually did an entirely new casting for it even though they could have just put the antenna on and no one would have noticed. there are so many subtle differences, including the overall length grew between the concept and the '10 that it can't have just been a retool. And for the attention to detail that was put into the new casting, this pair are a close second.

  5. The 2013 Mainline is the best looking. The Super is nice, but they should be given it more detail! Front and rear lights really would have made that car much better!

  6. My favorite Camaro casting is definitely the Road Race one, but my favorite Hot Wheels Camaro of all time is the preferred retool of the Heavy Chevy in magenta. That version just completely changed the look of that casting and made it 100% better.

  7. The '70 Camaro is probably my favorite 1:1 car, so obviously I'm a big fan of the Road Race. But I didn't like it until this 2013 release. I hated the racing and cluttered tampos, and not until the great, realistic ones did I see that it was, in fact, a good casting.
    Original redline Custom Camaro is a close second. Would love to see a late 70s Z28.

  8. The Road race is also my favorite, but then again, the early 70s were easily my favorite era for the Camaro.

    The '67 Camaro is a close second due to its history in the Hot Wheels lineup, and the fact that nearly every release has retained its metal base and opening hood (the Color Shifters releases are the only ones I can think of that lacked an opening hood).

    Rounding out the top three is the '85 IROC-Z that made its debut last year. The third-generation Camaro is starting to make a strong comeback in the diecast world (Johnny Lightning's casting made its return in the latest Forever 64 release, and Auto World has an '84 in the works). Speaking of Hot Wheels, it'd be great to see them take their other third-gen Camaro casting – currently known as the '83 Camaro Z28 – and retool it to look exactly as it did back when it first hit the pegs as the Blown Camaro. That would make for an awesome Flying Customs and/or Boulevard release.

    -ThisDudeAbides (Hobbytalk)

  9. And instead of “Speaking of Hot Wheels,” I meant “Speaking of third-gen Camaros.” It's been a long day on my end.

    -ThisDudeAbides (Hobbytalk)

  10. I usually don't collect Camaros but… I have five of them. My favorite of Hot Wheels 1970 Camaro is the black one with Champion Track Tested logo. Black cars are the most beautiful and I like the Champion logo since my father have bought me (when I was a child) Matchbox Buick Le Sabre. I have also a Matchbox 70 Camaro but in my opinion scale 1:60 is too large. My favorite of all Camaros is a 1968 COPO Camaro in green. Dominik

  11. I have to say I love all the Camaros HWs has put our but with that said older is better. Metal on metal just is no comparison. If I had to pick one it would have to be the first Camaro TH. It got me into collecting, I lost all my childhood greats. Slowly gathering back some are restores but their what I make them so really one of a kinds and maybe even more special to me cause my work goes into them.
    Yea has to be that TH cause it was my first TH and got me into the hobby which lead to restores and customizing.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

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