First Look: Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Challenge & Lotus M250…

Two more models from Hot Wheels Batch G for your review…

My first reaction when I saw the Ferrari was not that great.  I would have much preferred a more stock version, but this HW Racing team version continues to grow on me.  Will it be my favorite?  Nope.  Does it look good next to its 458 compatriots?  Yes.  If anything, it makes me hope that Mattel has a GT2 in the works.  Fingers crossed.

Next up is the Lotus M250.  I have never been particularly fond of this model, and although this blue version is one of the best so far, my opinion doesn’t really change.  But I know some of you out there are very excited about this one.  I don’t think you will be disappointed…

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Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Challenge (2013 Mainline):

Hot Wheels Lotus M250 (2013 Mainline):

6 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Challenge & Lotus M250…”

  1. The Lotus is very clean, the Ferrari with the graffiti all over it is what makes some cringe. Sometimes less is way more! Some tempos should be simple the Ferrari is a perfect example….

    Swifty' Philly Wheels

  2. I like the look of the Lotus, but it needs a wheel change.

    I'm really staring to like these Team HW cars, this Ferrari included 🙂


  3. The less I say about the Ferrari, the better. On the other hand, the Lotus M250 is stellar.

    -ThisDudeAbides (Hobbytalk)

  4. The Ferrari 458, is perhaps, my favorite Hot Wheels casting. But the graphics, combined with the wheels and windows on this car, is downright hideous. I'm with yall on this one, less is definitely more.

    Glad to see that Lotus again though. Long time no see. And the scheme, along with the car itself is gorgeous.

  5. I'd have preferred the 458 Challenge if they had done it with actual Ferrari Challenge racing series tampos like they did with the original release of the Ferrari F355 Challenge in 1998, but, honestly, I don't mind the tampos that 458 Challenge looks. I like Hot Wheels logo cars and it's the first Ferrari with more than a tiny Hot Wheels logo on it in quite a while (previous one I have is the first release of the 575 GTC from 2005). If I was in charge, it'd be a red Hot Wheels logo on a blue background (like in the Hot Wheels Race Team series), but I have no affiliation with Mattel so my ideas are moot.

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