First Look: Hot Wheels Doc B Racing Datsun 240Z…

I think a few of you have been waiting for this one…

I think we all got a tad excited to see the Z back in the basic range, especially looking this good.  My example has a handful of paint flaws, so I will be hunting a better version once this model hits the pegs, but it is clear this is one of the better looking versions of the Z.  I would put the Regular/Super T-Hunt from a couple of years up there as well, but this is one of the top 2.

And even better, it is based on a real car.  Instead of copying it all down here, how about I just provide this link provided by one of our Lamley friends:

Doc B Racing Z

How cool is that?

Nonetheless, a very welcome addition to the Z collection.  Now let’s throw it in the Boulevard Series and give it some premium treatment…

(The 2013 240Z for sale…)

Hot Wheels Datsun 240Z (2013 Mainline):

A few others looking good in white:

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  1. It seems like white hot wheels models have a LOT of paint/casting flaws. It's something i don't see in models of other colors. Specially if it's pearl white. It's even worse.

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