DMC Model of the Week: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan Fairlady 260Z 2by2 Police…

Well, since we showcased the latest Hot Wheels 240Z today, why not keep the theme going?  Except, as nice as the Hot Wheels version is, this one might upstage it a bit. 

But comparing the two is not a fair deal.  One is a $1 car, and the other a highly detailed version that is about 20 times the price.  So compare we will not.  We will just enjoy this fantastic TLV-Neo Japanese Police car.

I will once again sing the praises of Tomica Limited Vintage.  They are on a completely different level than the Tomica most folks are used to.  Everything top to bottom, wheels to interior, are made as real as a 1:64 model can be done.  Between these and Kyosho, a collector can be very happy.

To me this model exemplifies what TLV is all about.  An iconic Japanese car in Japanese Police livery.  And…how great are those hubcap-less wheels?  Maybe my favorite feature on the model.  Show these photos to a friend, and until they inspect things closely, there is no way they think this a tiny car smaller than a computer mouse. 

One warning.  Be careful if you jump into Tomica Limited Vintage.  It is VERY addicting, and these models do not come cheap.  Most fall between $16-$20, and many are a lot more.  I would always try our friends at Daboxtoys Model Cars first.  Their prices and shipping, especially to international markets, is the best, and we are thrilled to have them as a Lamley partner.  Find TLV at their online or ebay stores…

(Of course, you can always check out ebay as well…)

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan Fairlady Z Police:

With another TLV, the Nissan Laurel:

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  1. Although 20 times the price of a Matchbox model, this is one of the reasons why I am spending more time looking at and collecting these models.

    The detail is fantastic and I am happy to pay a premium for these.

    TLV-Neo's are mainly being collected with the odd TLV thrown in. If you are specific and restrained, this is an affordable series to collect.

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