DMC Model of the Day: Kyosho BMW M1 Gr. 5 in black…

Last week when we showcased the Kyosho BMW M6 from the latest Kyosho set, there was a cool looking model sitting in the background of a few photos.  It is time to look at that beauty now.

I love getting surprised by a model once I have it in hand.  As I was contemplating what models to order from DMC, I decided to have them throw in the M1, most at the urging of Felix, who told me I was bound to like it.  And like it I do!

Based on the Group 5 spec racer, this model looks dapper having dropped the racing duds in favor of a more formal getup, and couple that with its nice low stance wildly high spoiler and you have a truly beautiful 1:64 scale model.

Remember, this model and the entire Kyosho BMW set are available at Daboxtoys Model Cars (and follow this link if you want in on a way to get the models a little cheaper).  Find them at their online or eBay stores, and take advantage of their great prices and shipping…

Kyosho BMW M1 Gr. 5:

With the M6:

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