Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Racing Ford GT-40…

Well folks, in case you didn’t know, I actually have a real job.  That job keeps me quite busy, and occasionally takes over my life entirely.  My normal 6 hours of sleep turns into 4 or 5, and I end up exhausted.

I am at that point now, and thankfully I have this set of photos I have been meaning to show.  It is the fifth model we have showcased from last year’s Road Racing batch of Hot Wheels Racing.  Most of the attention has gone to the E30 BMW, Greenwood and COPO Vettes, and the Porsche 935.  This GT40 might be an old casting, but it has never looked better.

Enjoy, and off to work I go…

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Hot Wheels Ford GT-40 (2012 Hot Wheels Racing):

Together with a very similar Matchbox version:

6 Replies to “Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Racing Ford GT-40…”

  1. If only the rear wheels filled the rear wells better (they aren't wide enough, IMO), it'd be much nicer. Still looks great!

    Anyone know what/whose real race car this one is modeled after?


  2. I think the road racing #12 GT-40 is a nod to the 1966 #2 Black with Gold stripes GT-40 that was the first Ford and first American car to win the 24 hours of Le Mans road race.

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