First Look at the Hot Wheels Ferrari 5-pack, Part 2: Ferrari FF…

I mentioned in Part 1 that the 612 Scaglietti was Ferrari’s foray into the touring car business.  Some of you have mentioned that you like the 612.  I do too.  Not as much as other Ferraris, but I like it.  The FF is its replacement, and it too has been met with a mixed reaction. 

While the argument about the 612 revolved around whether or not it had the “oomph” performance- and design-wise compared with other Ferraris, the argument around the FF is whether it is too radical.  To some people, all Ferrari did was create an ugly hatchback.  To me, I think they created a masterpiece.  Yes, I love the FF.

I understand why others don’t.  While the front screams Ferrari (and the grill signaled where the F12 design was headed), the back surely does not.  It is the sideview and functionality of the car that makes me like it most.  Not to mention watching the FF frolicking in the snow:

Who knows what it is that makes me like the FF so much.  Maybe my love for wagons, and this is the closest Ferrari will get.  Maybe that fact that I live in Utah, and the idea of zipping through Park City in one of these is a very appealing thought.  Maybe just because it is different.  Whatever it is, the FF is one of my favorite Ferraris.

Oh, and as far as Ferrari castings go, this is one of Hot Wheels’ best.  The proportions are there, and the model is darn near perfect.  This new white 5-pack model is officially the third version, after the two colors in 2011.  If you are a vari collector, it is the fifth.  The red can be found with and without the Ferrari logo in the grill, and the second color choice came in both metalflake silver and grey.  They are all pictured below.

This white one fits nicely.  Glad to see headlight tampos together with the side detailing, and I like the striping.  I was hoping we would see a new version of the FF soon, so I was happily surprised to see it in this pack.  Don’t ignore it Mattel, it might make a good Super Treasure Hunt or Boulevard model someday…
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Hot Wheels Ferrari FF (2013 Ferrari 5-pack):

2011 Red

With and without emblem in grill

2011 silver

metalflake silver and grey

4 Replies to “First Look at the Hot Wheels Ferrari 5-pack, Part 2: Ferrari FF…”

  1. My favorite Ferrari “touring car” (I assume this means passenger car?) is the 365 GT4, at least looks-wise. But the FF is awesome too. Ferraris in general are awesome, and I like them better than Lamborghinis.
    Now then, the Hot Wheels. Great paint–reminds me of the 458 Italia from last year. A great looking piece overall.

  2. On the red, the model with the emblem was produced in lesser numbers, and the silver is harder to find than the grey.
    However I did not have a ton of trouble finding all four.

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