First Look at the Hot Wheels Ferrari 5-pack, Part 1: Ferrari 612 Scaglietti…

I hope the tradition of one Ferrari 5-pack from Hot Wheels a year is a permanent one.  It sure seems to be.  That tradition continues this year with the recent release of the 2013 version.  So we are dedicating the entire day here at Lamley to the new pack.  Part 1 covers the 612, a little later Part 2 looks at the FF, and we will even do a Part 3 showing pics of the entire 5-pack.  So keep checking back or join us on Facebook for the updates.

A lot of people liked last year’s pack, especially because two of the models had classic-style wheels on them (I forget the name).  I much prefer this year’s, mainly because two recent Ferrari castings that haven’t been used much are included.  The Ferrari FF is one, and we will look at that a little later, and the model we are featuring right now, the 612 Scaglietti, is the other.

This may be the best example of a Hot Wheels model looking better than the real car it represents.  The 612 Scaglietti was Ferrari’s foray into more of a touring car, and it was definitely met with a mixed reaction.  Design-wise it was generally considered bland by Ferrari standards, although there were ways to sport it up a bit.

Nonetheless, the Hot Wheels version was released in the mainly-European Ferrari Racers line, and to me already looked better.  The dark grey version with comolds remains one of my favorite Ferrari models.  Since then we have seen it in the Speed Machines line (although it remains one of the hardest models to find) and two 5-packs, the second just released.

With this latest version, we finally get the 612 in bright Ferrari red, and the black pinstripe and 10sp wheels compliment it well.  It is nice to see the extra detail as well, including side panel detail and headlight tampos.

As little as the real thing impresses me, the mini version remains one of my favorite Hot Wheels Ferraris.  Go figure…

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Hot Wheels Ferrari 612 Scaglietti (2013 Ferrari 5-pack):

And its counterparts:

Ferrari Racers

2010 Ferrari 5-pack

2011 Speed Machines

3 Replies to “First Look at the Hot Wheels Ferrari 5-pack, Part 1: Ferrari 612 Scaglietti…”

  1. Personally, I love the 1:1 612. Yeah, I know it's a little too plain for some people but I like the understated design, actually. It's just one of those cars you gotta see in person to fully appreciate it. Not to sound like a broken record, but the FF doesn't really cut it for me that much. But what can you do?

    Personally, the only thing I would have changed about the 612 was those bumps underneath the headlights, just to give the front end a little more cohesion. But overall, I really do like the rest of the car. A lot.

  2. The P4 and the 308GTS had what were commonly referred to as “black walls” and a little less common “basic wheel.” This is because the original design was basically the mid-1970's red line wheel minus the red line. It's been redesigned a couple times over the years, to what we have now in the Hot Ones and Flying Customs series, what HWC Van refers to as “Classic Basic.” Or “Basic Classic”, I forget which way at the moment, haha.

    Didn't know the Speed Machines version of this casting was that hard to come by. But, it doesn't look that great in yellow, IMO. The 5 pack versions look fantastic, as does that gray Ferrari Racer release.


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