Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Racing James Garner COPO Corvette…

I have been waiting to show this one for awhile.
It might be a little obvious that I am quite enamored with the final batch of Hot Wheels 2012 Racing.  The BMW E30 M3, Porsche 935, and Greenwood Corvette were easily three of my favorites of the entire year.  But we can’t overlook this one. 
I have had one carded for awhile, but have been trying to get a second to set free.  A VERY generous collector in Canada (Thanks Joed!) came to the rescue, and now I am able to show it here.  I am glad I opened it.  The COPO Corvette looked nice in its debut, but this version is…um…well, just have a look.
And thanks to Mattel I now know that Jim Rockford liked a few Corvettes to go with his ’74 Firebird.  Doing some reading on the real thing shows A) someone at Mattel knows their stuff, and B) this is one freaky cool car.  These photos of James Garner with his Vettes are fantastic.
Flying Customs is replacing Hot Ones, Boulevard continues, but will we see models like these again?  I really hope so.  But if they have to go out, they went out on the right batch.  They may cost a bit for US collectors to get them, but to me it is completely worth it…
Hot Wheels COPO Corvette (2012 Hot Wheels Racing):

A little fantasy race:

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  1. Man, I'm still after this set, your pics make it more painful that I don't have them yet, LOL

    As for continuing the series, it seems that Retro Entertainment is replacing the Racing series at retail, much like Pop Culture is replacing Nostalgia and Flying Customs is replacing Hot ones.


  2. Joed helped me out too. I'm still hopeful I can track down the Bimmer and Greenwood Vette. It might have to wait a few years before the craze wears off.


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