Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Spider in blue…

Yes, this model has been on the pegs for a few weeks now.  Maybe to old for First Look, and too young for a Model of the Day, but I am showing it anyway.

I am showing it because I really like it.  There are mixed feelings about the wheels, but I think they look great.  They fill up the wheel wells much better than the OH5’s do, and the car looks more balanced.  Plus that blue, as Jon Stewart seems to be saying a lot lately, look redonkulous.  (That is a good thing.)

Plus the Hot Wheels 458 has a knack for photographing well.  Maybe because it shares the lines of the real thing, which is one of the prettiest cars on the road these days…

(Hot Wheels 458’s for sale…)

Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Spider (2013 Mainline):

With its hardtop twin:

The fam:

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