First Look: Matchbox 60th Anniversary Gift Pack Exclusive Cadillac Sedan Deville, ’69 Camaro, and T-Top Corvette…

It is hard to just say I like a Matchbox model these days.  I can’t even write a post here on Lamley just saying “Hey look!  New Matchbox models!  And they are cool!”.  Collectors don’t like it when I do that.

But I will. 

Hey look!  New Matchbox models!  And they are cool!

Matchbox is commemorating their 60th Anniversary in several ways this year.  Obviously most notably by releasing the 60th Anniversary line, which pays homage to the brand’s history and future.  It is definitely a mixed bag for most collectors.  As mainly a street car collector, there are some I am really happy about, and some I won’t add to the collection, but that has always been the case.

Then there is this little series.  Eight models, all 9-pack/10-pack exclusives, all classic cars, all with minimal deco and the 60th logo.  Hey look!  New Matchbox Models!  And they are cool!

Yes, classic car models have taken a back seat with the current Matchbox direction, so we get to see our old friends in the Gift Packs.  The first three have been released, and we thought we would have a looksy.

(Looking for older versions of the the Cadillac, Camaro, and Corvette?)

And we start with one of my favorite classic castings, the ’69 Cadillac Sedan DeVille…

…with some of its counterparts…

…and then another of my faves, the ’69 Camaro…

…and some others…

…and a T-Top Corvette.

Hey look! New Matchbox models! And they are cool!

8 Replies to “First Look: Matchbox 60th Anniversary Gift Pack Exclusive Cadillac Sedan Deville, ’69 Camaro, and T-Top Corvette…”

  1. WTF is that on the trunk of the Caddy? (Not the 60th logo, that's obvious; I mean the silvery script.) I hope it doesn't say something dopey like “A Touch Of Class” …

  2. Ok now I see the difference in the 5 spokes, MBs has treads, I like them but these 60ths are disappointing. They're really nothing more than basics with the 60th tempo. After 60 years you would think Mattel could pay homage to the Lensey brand and even Tyco. I thought that's anniversary celebration was about? Don't get me wrong I love the castings but some history would be nice…

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  3. Now I really dont like all teh American castings that flood the matchbox line year in and year out, that's a personal opinion, especially when there is so many great models around the world that could be modelled, but the 69 Caddy is nice, only one thing i would like is suspension, and then that would make it perfect,

  4. This is Mattel milking it for all its worth – and there are people who will simply have to have these as a casting as they are a Matchbox.

    Absolute pony.

    My money is being spent elsewhere rather than on this tut.

  5. Your make succinct and valid points – yet there will be the collector who will refuse to acknowledge that these are little more than a basic car with an extra tampo.

  6. LOVE that Corvette casting, definitely a nostalgic one from my childhood (had a blue one and a yellow one that I played with constantly). Too bad it'll only be in the multipacks 🙁


  7. Hey look! New Matchbox models! And they are cool! WooHoo!

    I don't see anything wrong with any of them. Looking forward to adding them all to my collection.

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