Matchbox Ambassador Update: Lamborghini Gallardo Police and other Police Sneak Peaks…

Another of our weekly Ambassador Updates, this time with a fresh smell of doughnuts and a plethora of action verbs.  Let’s take a look at what something that Matchbox does best – police vehicles.

After the (might we say) mixed response of last week’s off-road vehicles, I feel confident that these models will be met with a little more praise.  Police cars have always been a specialty with Matchbox, and we have seen a variety of police castings released in the last few years, modern and classic.  One of my favorite trends has been the introduction of “non-US” police castings, namely the Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Evo.  Each have proven to be collector faves, and now that the Subaru license is active again, I anticipate we will continue to see these castings used.  And today we add another overseas police car to the mix, and boy is it a doozy.

Shall we get on with it?

(As always, these photos are used with Mattel’s permission…)

MB867 Lamborghini Gallardo Police (60th Anniversary Edition):

Am I out on a limb if I say this one should be popular with collectors?  The Gallardo Police, complete with roof light, is a no-brainer Matchbox model, and a great edition to a fantastic police lineup.  It sports the Italian Polizia livery, with the 60th logo added.  This is obviously the signature deco, and I am very glad that they reserved it for the complete 4-sided deco on the 60th model.  Now that this livery is out of the way, they can get creative with new designs.

Speaking of…

MB867 Lamborghini Gallardo Police (2013 basic):

We also have the first shots of the “official” debut of the Lambo, in its basic clothes.  Nice and clean, and sharp in black.  And yes, a red light means red windows, but I can live with it.

There are more new Police castings to show, namely the Dodge Charger, but that will come later.  In the meantime, enjoy these two police favorites that will be released shortly in the basic range:

Subaru WRX Police:

BMW Police Motorcycle:

The Subaru ditches the white treads for standard black this time, but spices things up with signature gold rims.  Standard, although non-licensed, police livery completes a very good-looking scheme.
And the BMW bike gets a second outfit in the basic range, as one of the five recolors we will see in 2013, this time in military garb.
While some feel that realism is at a premium with Matchbox lately, I hope these four satisfy the hunger just a bit.
One note:
We will skip the Ambassador Update next week as we will be smack-dab in the middle of the holiday, but will jump back into it on New Year’s Eve.  We have many more models to show, including two more brand new European emergency vehicles.  
Until then…

11 Replies to “Matchbox Ambassador Update: Lamborghini Gallardo Police and other Police Sneak Peaks…”

  1. I am eating my fingers as I see the pictures of the Gallardo Polizia and the Subaru WRX STI Police (good to see it back in realistic police livery, clear windows and proper wheels). Both are drop-dead gorgeous. The red windows on the basic range Lambo do bother me, but I can live with that. That premium version is a beauty! I think I want to say it again “That 60th Anniversary Gallardo Police is 'THE' most perfect police casting I have ever seen in my life”. I am going to ask my cousin to bring it for me from Germany (we don't have this line in India, what a shame!) as he is coming back home in Christmas.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. Why can't they just release the 60th Gallardo in the mainline? We are forced to pay extra for a proper livery? You don't see another “children's brand” pulling this bait and switch. You know the one from Japan…

  3. I'm dissapointed. The regular line Gallardo is terrible, and the nice one is only on the limited-release 60th Anniversary, with the unrealistic addition of a 60th logo.

    The Military Police BMW is creative, but not really attractive.
    The Subaru looks good, but again, realism is not back on the Matchbox line after all. A pity.

  4. I like the Italian police paint scheme, but they do not use this model in the U.S. so do not understand the black one.

    Will the Ford E-350 Ambulance from 2009 be recast? It had major design flaws with the lights not being on the roof of the cab and the attempt on the unpainted lights on the plastice body was a major flaw. Also eliminating the blue star of life lacks realism.

  5. The idea that Matchbox won't take the step of making castings like the STi and the Gallardo dual-purpose (ie, either cast the roof solid so that the tool could be more flexible or, like in the Lesney days, tool up a separate body that would work with the same interior and chassis) continues to be a head-scratcher for me. Why not maximize flexibility with your tooling?

  6. To Anonymous above: About the blue “Star of Life”, it's believed that there has been a recent international mandate that the symbol CAN ONLY be used on ACTUAL life-saving vehicles and equipment which is a HUGE blow to those of us who collect miniature ambulances/EMS vehicles.

  7. what is the mandate called? you can buy the decals in hobby shops. this is not the place to debate this or speak in capital letters. lets be civil and appreciate another persons comments.

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