Model of the Day: 2010 Camaro SS Police Treasure Hunt…

Still in Phoenix, still getting into the hotel room late, and the typing is coming a little slowly tonight.  But who needs to write a lot when you have a model that looks like this one.

The Regular Treasure Hunts for 2013 have not been the most exciting group.  There does not seem to be an exact pattern to what they choose for the regulars, but most have been non-licensed models.  And then there is the Camaro Police.  Who knows why the Hot Wheels team decided to modify the 2010 Camaro SS casting and make a police car, but it was a great decision.  It might be a little more “Hot Pursuit” than realistic, but it is fantastic, and it hasn’t looked better than this 2013 version.

I don’t know what other Regular Treasure Hunts we will see throughout the year, but whatever is coming, it will have a hard time topping this one.  There is not a Camaro casting I totally collect (outside of the ’70 Road Race), but I have a feeling I will collecting all the Camaro Police cars

Hot Wheels 2010 Camaro SS Police (2013 Treasure Hunts):

And the others:

2011 Police 5-pack

2012 Basic:

2012 Kmart

2013 Treasure Hunt

4 Replies to “Model of the Day: 2010 Camaro SS Police Treasure Hunt…”

  1. The blue one seems to best accentuate the Camaro's curves–they get lost in black, and white is too thick and goopy. Nice!

  2. This year I stopped collecting Treasure-Hunts because they just didn't seem relevant to me any more. This Camaro doesn't even have a Treasure-Hunt tampo on it. So: thanks a lot. If there is no treasure to be found I won't hunt for it…

  3. No. I don't like this very much. After the 5-pack issue and the 2012 mainline version in white (which I'd pick over this one) this one is a bit disappointing. The livery seems wrong, it just is. The racing flags between the police stickers are hopelessly wrong and the 'police' vinyl stamped on the side make it look as if it was 'homemade'. I have yet to see a police car with half realistic and half imaginary vinyls mixed into one and I hate that. The Police 5-pack version and the 2012 mainline in white are this car's best versions so far I think.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

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