First Look: Matchbox 60th Anniversary Volkswagen T2 Bus…

Another Matchbox 60th Anniversary First Look, in all its German glory. 

I know that several collectors don’t like the deco, but I am quite fond of it.  I don’t know if it has specific origins, but it is quite creative.  Plus, the bus looks sharp with black with full front and rear trim.  (And how great is the art work?)

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Matchbox Volkswagen T2 Bus (2013 60th Anniversary line):

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  1. WHY OH WHY do they just keep giving us the most recent models for an anniversary edition? 60yrs WHY go into the vault and give us some of the stuff that made MB MB? Even HWs dose the samething but not as much. HWs will throw in a couple of surprises. HW however is doing way to many reruns that sit or just are not Appealing. Example HWs HOs the Monza, I liked the 2+2 but they put out this model that is way over done and I must not be the only one who feels this way. At more than one of my local Targets have them sitting and have been for awhile. Why do they proceed to put out models that sit? HWs MB or Mattel are trying to run themselves out of business with these practices. I don't get it with the catalog that this company has at it's disposal they could put out stuff and not have to do reruns!

  2. Not creative at all John with the paint scheme – jsut represents the three colours in the German flag…..but then again, you already knew that…..

    If this was coloured in light blue as per MB23 VW Camper as per the release in 1972, this would have been a sure fire hit.

    A nice casting ruined by the paint job – 0/10 again Mattel – I wonder if they will actually ever get into the minus figures with such tut……

  3. I'm very much into my German heritage and am certainly putting this on my must have list.Mostly because of the paint job:) Going to have to change those wheels though.

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