First Look: Hot Wheels mainline ’71 El Camino…

The last few days have been spent looking back at everyone’s choices for Best and Worst HW New Models of 2012.  We will get back into that next week as we announce your choices in several other categories.  But lets break away for awhile and jump into a First Look.

It is time to welcome a new model into the Hot Wheels basic range, although it is not a “New Model”.  Hot Wheels introduces new tools in several lines, and many of them will eventually make it to the mainline.  There was the ’67 Mustang Coupe and Ferrari 599XX in 2012, and this year we know the ’92 BMW M3 and Greenwood Corvette will be making it to the mainline as well.

The ’71 El Camino is another.  We are so used to El Caminos being in the range, that I had to hit South Texas to make sure I hadn’t seen this model before, at least in the mainline.  And in fact, I hadn’t.  It made its debut in the Garage Series (the straight black version is a must have.  I just bought one after putting together this post…), and and since been seen in the Decades and Nostalgia lines.  In fact, I was so unfamiliar with this model that I figured it was just a modified version of the jet-engine-carrying Custom El Camino that Mattel debuted a few months ago.

But no, the Custom Elko was actually based on this one.  Just to see, we did some comparison pics below.  Wherever this model came from, it looks great.  I just love the gold rims paired with the orange color and earthy pinstripes.  Too descriptive?  Too much Home & Garden, that last comment?

Nonetheless, I like it, and I hope to find its Super TH counterpart soon as well.

Hot Wheels ’71 El Camino (2013 Basic Range):

With its Custom ’71 counterpart:

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  1. Black looks sleeker, has more of a stock body. The orange is looks dubbed or maor like a racing body. I actually like both.

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