The Lamley Awards: The Reader’s Choice and Lamley Selection for Worst 2012 Hot Wheels New Model…

We like to dwell on the positive here at Lamley.  All the brands we feature here create plenty of fantastic models.  So many in fact that there is never really a reason to focus on the negative.  There will always be models we don’t like, and that is fine as long as there are models we do like.

But let’s be honest, it is fun sometimes to jump into the muck and play around a bit.  There are times you go to the pegs and have to take a step back because a model is just plain ugly.  Or maybe you are looking forward to a model, and once you have it, it just doesn’t live up to your expectations.  Whatever the reason, we asked our Lamley readers to give us their votes for Worst New Model, and once again, we got a huge response.

Two days ago we featured the Reader’s Best New Model, and yesterday profiled Lamley’s choice.  Because we want to stay positive, we will reveal both the reader’s and Lamley choices in this post.  And one other thing: I don’t have photos of most of these models.  Like a lot of you, I was just not compelled enough to buy them.  So once again I will rely on our good friends at South Texas, who aren’t afraid of photographing any models.

Alright, hide your eyes, and enter at your own risk.  Let’s cautiously wander into the ewwwwwwww…

Reader’s Choice:

First off, some fun facts about the votes that came in from our readers:

  • There were three models that finished FAR ahead of any others.
  • 23 of the 50 New Models in 2012 were mentioned at least once.
  • Of those 23, only 5 were real licensed vehicles – The Mars Rover, ’61 Impala, Harley Fat Boy, Bentley Continental, and ’71 Roadrunner. 
  • There were three licensed fantasy vehicles mentioned – The two Angry Birds cars, and The Bat.  The Mystery Machine and KITT escaped being on the list.

And now on with it.  We mentioned that three models finished far ahead of the the others.  There was an overwhelming theme with the votes.  Voters selected the models they thought were ugly.  Many times the votes would be accompanied with a comments how ugly or pointless the model seems to be.  And no model got more venom than the Reader’s Choice for Worst New Model, the Troy Soldier:

#1 – Troy Soldier:

Of course I cannot speak for the readers, so I will let the image do the talking.  Yes, it is a Trojan helmet with wheels.  Maybe USC fans like it, but that is even saying a lot.

#2 – Mad Splash:

Keeping with the theme, it is a boat.  On water.  Over wheels.  I actually think it is a bit creative, but that was not the category now, was it?

#3 – Altered Ego:

Now hot rods are not my thing, so I pretty much ignored this one.  The collectors didn’t.  They did not like it.  Would they change their mind if they knew Larry Wood designed this one?

There were two others that finished ahead of the rest.  Sense a theme?

#4 – Eagle Massa:

Psssst – don’t let race car drivers design a Hot Wheels car.

#5 – Growler:

And finally a dog-looking car.  Grrrrrrrrrr…

Lamley’s Choice:

Now I imagine that quite a few people will not agree with this choice, so I think I should explain.

Yesterday, I explained that the 2013 Dodge Viper SRT was one of the finalists for Best New Model because I ended up liking it A LOT more than I thought I would.  That is the same reasoning behind the Lamley Choice for Worst New Model.  While I agree that the five models above are pretty unappealing, I know that there will be that segment of models every year.  I just let someone else enjoy them. 

To me the worst new model is the model that disappoints me the most.  Like the Viper surprised me the most when I had to expectations, this one just wasn’t what I hoped it would be once I had it in hand.  For that reason, the Porsche Boxster Spider is the Lamley choice for Worst Hot Wheels New Model in 2012:

Now yes, there is a lot to like about this model.  Look at it from the front, and it looks great.  In fact, I am still excited to collect all versions of this model.  But I had to pick something, and I picked the Porsche because something is just not right.  That sluggish rear just doesn’t work.  Taillight tampos would help, but something about just doesn’t capture the real car.  The front looks like the new Boxster.  The rear doesn’t.  The Porsche Cayman casting has the same issue, but the two 911’s released in the last couple of years don’t.  And from the photos I have seen of the new 918, it looks great too.

But I love Porsches, and I am always excited for new Porsche castings.  This one just didn’t live up to the bill.

9 Replies to “The Lamley Awards: The Reader’s Choice and Lamley Selection for Worst 2012 Hot Wheels New Model…”

  1. WOW, the '61 Impala was listed as one of the worst by someone?

    Anyway, the reader's choice wasn't too surprising, though I figured the Eagle Massa would have been #1. I agree, the Mad Splash is a fairly creative casting, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, haha.


  2. I believe it's because of how the bumper and skirts are “stretched” downward creating large body panels. It's hard to pick up on, but if you think about it, the car's not that “boxy”. They did this with the F430 Spyder too and it looks horrendous compared to the 430 Scuderia or 911 GT3 respectively.

  3. I agree with Lamley Group. I was the one who voted on 71 Roadrunner. The car is fantasctic but Hot Wheels' version is a disappointment for me. And that's maybe the same way with Porsche. I think more collectors usually even don't look at fantasy models at the store but when you find a model of car that you were always looking for and it is made badly, that is a reason for describe it as the worst one. Dominik

  4. I understand why the Boxster could be a disappointment. Proportion-wise, it is a bit herky-jerky. Like a dog dragging its ass on the carpet. That being said however, that Porsche is still better-looking than 99.9 percent of fantasy castings ever made (including those mentioned in this list).

  5. The Porsh is not bad it could have been better. Speaking of which the hot rod by Wood could have been a gem! I f either move that motor to the hood side of the windshield it makes more sense it's a drag strip classic instantly! The others a waste of a mold…

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

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