The Customs of Ernest Li, Part 1: Porsche Customs, including the brand new HW 918 Spyder……

We at Lamley are very proud to feature the customs of Ernest Li, who has joined the Lamley Group as contributor.  We are very excited to have a growing army of custom contributors here at Lamley, and there are more to come.  Keep updated on our Facebook page for future custom features.

Ernest has submitted his first article on his Porsche customs, and they are fantastic.  He even gives us our first detailed look at the new 918 Spyder, with his splendid enhancements.  We might be upstaging a future First Look, but oh well…

If you like what you see, be sure to check out his blog.

Enjoy the photos, and many thanks Ernest!

I have been modifying 1/64 cars for many years, and mostly are supercars. Porsche is one of the supercar brand I loved most, so most of my modifications are Porsches. Recently, as Hot Wheels is making many new model of Porsches, it gives me an opportunity to customized them into some other versions and some respray versions. For instance, from a GT3RS to a GT3RS 4.0, from grey to varies colours, or even from a GT2 to a 9ff GT1200. Not only Hot Wheels, I also modify other brands like Kyosho, Tomica etc. The most impressive one is the 962C with the Shell livery which I have spent few days on drawing and pasting the livery on the car. I have many racing cars with Shell livery and if I have chance, I would like to show them to others.

Last but not least, here is probably the hottest Hot Wheels this week, Porsche 918 Spyder. I have done some jobs on the car, including swapping the wheels, adding some details to the body and interior and adding side mirrors to it. I have asked my friend, a professional photographer and also a Hot Wheels collector, Hyperball to take some nice photos of the new 918, featuring some Hot Wheels Porsches.
Hope you like them all.


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