First Look: Hot Wheels ’08 Ford Focus & Nissan 350Z…

The last two cars of Batch C to get the First Look treatment.  I have the yellow Falcon to show, but wouldn’t it be more fun to compare it to the Super, which I don’t have?  I do have the Camaro Police (which will be a tough one to beat for best regular Treasure Hunt in 2013), but I cannot get myself to open it.  Maybe when I find another.

In the meantime enjoy these happy racers.  I cannot explain the reasoning behind the different colored wheels on the Focus, but I am sure someone out there has an idea.  I have also seen similar designs to that on the 350Z, but can’t explain those either.  Explanation or not, but are look fantastic, and speak to the great design many castings are getting lately.  Like the AE86 in Batch B, these two seem to have a new life, years after they first appeared as New Models.

Hot Wheels ’08 Ford Focus (2013 Basic):

Hot Wheels Nissan 350Z (2013 Basic):

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  1. For the wheels on the Ford, I think I know why they are different colors. It's a popular trend going on in the rally and drift world. I think Ken Block has had orange and white wheels fitted, and I'm sure of some the Formula Drift drivers have. And considering how that Focus looks rather drifty, I think I'm making some sense.

    Something else I'd like to note, look at that Nissan. No, not at the crazy awesome pattern. Look at the smaller logos on the doors. The very top one is Alpinestars, the company that produces firesuits for world class drivers, like Jimmie Johnson, Ken Block, Sebastion Vettel, and Top Gear's The Stig.

  2. some race teams use colored wheels to immediately know what tires are installed and to which side of the car it goes 🙂

    the other sponsors on the nissan are alpinestars-racewear/nomex suits; koni-established suspension manufacturer and tuner;brembo-high end brakes(from ferraris to lambos to gtrs to f1 brakes and everything in between) and B&M, a transmission tuning specialist 🙂

  3. Like the others said, the designs on both the cars here can be explained. The different colored wheels on the Ford remind me of NFS: Pro Street (the first NFS to have differently customizable front and back wheels w/ different colors). The 350Z is cool as well, with all that sticker bombing (a very common trend in the tuner culture) and the decals. I especially like the decals, which are all licensed and belong real-world companies. So both cars are coming home with me. Just one question: Does the Nissan have blue tinted windows or clear ones?

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  4. Also interesting to note, within the sticker-bombing pattern on the 350Z is the HW Flame logo – as in the one seen on the regular T-Hunts this year.

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