First Look: Hot Wheels Baja Bone Shaker…

Ah the Bone Shaker.  Larry Wood’s signature model from his later years at Mattel, and definitely a collector favorite.  It has been a Treasure Hunt, a 5-pack car, an RLC car, a convention car, you name it.  And like the 67 Camaro, I assume it will appear somewhere every year.

If you have visited the Lamley Blog for more than, oh say, seven seconds, you would probably assume that the Bone Shaker is absent from my list of favorite Hot Wheels castings.  And of course you are right.  But that does not mean I cannot appreciate it.

So this new Baja Bone Shaker is not a surprise.  You go with what works.  You can buy Angry Birds vitamins, right?  They are working on a fourth Transformers movie.  You know Taco Bell is working on some sort of Doritos Locos whatever to go with the nasty tacos.

So now the Bone Shaker appears in off-road form, as a casting that makes absolutely no sense.  And guess what?  It is awesome.  I can’t say whether it is the casting (which has a nice stance and a snake grill to go with the skull), or the deco (love the flag), or even the awesome wheels, but whatever it is, the model is a success.  I am interested to see what the collector community thinks as the model hits the pegs in a few weeks.

Your verdict?

(Is it going to hard to track down in your area?  Go get it from Wheel Collectors)

Hot Wheels Baja Bone Shaker (2013 New Models):

2 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Baja Bone Shaker…”

  1. Not a fan. It's those wheels more than anything else. I'm curious to know how durable the axles are, given their history on other castings.

  2. Awesome! Excellent casting! A new favorite to collect!!! Elwood did a excellent job designing this one!!
    Oh wait, scratch that, this is suppose to be about the Baja Bone Shaker. Ummm it's okay, I'll buy one…maybe two.

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