Thanksgiving is coming…and so is the next Matchbox Ambassador Report. Have any questions for the team?

Just a heads up that the next Ambassador report should be here sometime around Thanksgiving.  There are new tools to show, as well as sneaks of more 60th Anniversary models (which on their way to stores now).  It promises to be a nice holiday treat for collectors…

In the meantime, do you have any questions for the Mattel team?  If you do, leave them here in the comments section or on the Lamley Facebook page.  Keep them short, keep them relevant, and I will submit them to the Mattel team for the next report.

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9 Replies to “Thanksgiving is coming…and so is the next Matchbox Ambassador Report. Have any questions for the team?”

  1. Will there be a 2013 Matchbox Poster?

    Either computer generated or an actual tangible poster, just so we can see all of the 2013 models.

  2. Here's my question… Is there any chance in the foreseeable future that Matchbox will introduce any fresh castings from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, etc. Either classic or modern? Or is this unresolved?

    Thank you.

  3. Will ther be a mid mount aerial ladder fire truck. Also ask if matchbox will get a contract with Sutphen to make fire truck models rather than Pierce.

    Thank You

  4. It would be nice to see a better showing of product in the UK with Matchbox. HotWheels are everywhere, but tracking down Matchbox is a real 'treasure hunt'. Not only that but the way in which product is displayed is a real issue. Junking models into plastic crates is poor. Given the effort put into designing these super little models, it serves them no justice like this. Put them onto pegs, and suddenly they reflect their value.
    Other than that, can we see more cars, rather than vehicles? More of the wonderful heritage stuff, and refrain from too much heavy tampo designs. I know the product is aimed at kids, but why is assumed they want such garish designs?.
    Other than that, well done Mattel!, keep it up, and thanks for celebrating the 60th anniversary.

  5. i know that in the list of new casting for 2013 there was the European fire engine & a generic pumper listed but is there any chance that matchbox could do a KME model in the future? i'm seeing alot more fire departments in my area signing over to get new KME pumpers, aerials, and tankers so i'd like to see matchbox do one so we can see some interesting liveries.

  6. I have some questions:

    1 – I would like to know if the model Nissan Xterra will be reissued in some segment of the Matchbox collection: five pack, 10 pack, main line …?

    2 – I would like to know when the Matchbox models will again be sold in the Brazilian market?

    3 – The Matchbox has in its plans to launch the Volkswagen Scirocco in your collection?

    4 – Are there any plans to launch some more Brazilian model car like the VW Saveiro Cros was released?

    5 – Long time no see Fiat cars in Matchbox line … Is there any plan to launch some model Fiat in Matchbox line?

    6 – Is there some kind of partnership between Matchbox and Burger King to launch basic Matchbox cars as gifts in stores Burger King, as has happened in the past? If yes, when will it happen again?

    7 – Is there any plan on the part of Mattel released a club of collectors of Matchbox models?

    8 – Someday the collection of models “Matchbox Collectibles” will be reissued by Mattel?

    9 – Is there any plan of Mattel manufacture its products in Brazil? Some news says that Barbie dolls will be manufactured in Brazil … Matchbox Models may be manufactured in Brazil too?

    10 – Mattel can relaunch the model Matchbox Fiat Abarth 131 that was part of the Matchbox collection in the past?

    That's it … Thank you!

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