First Look: Hot Wheels ’68 Shelby GT500 (with comparison pics of the ’67 GT500)…

There are a few models in the brand new Hot Wheels 2013 Batch C that merit some comparison pics.  The new Baja Bone Shaker with its hot-rodding counterpart, the ’68 Barracuda with its predecessor, and of course this brand new Mustang.  We will be doing them all, so make sure you are following us on Facebook to be up-to-date…


If there is one thing, among many, that you can count on with Mattel, it is that they will keep Mustang collectors happy.  There always seems to be at least one or two new Mustang castings each year, plus a myriad of older Mustang castings littered all over the mainline.

And I don’t think anyone is complaining (that much at least).

Especially when we get more castings like the brand new ’68 GT500.  Ok, I will admit…it looks an awful lot like the ’67 GT500, give or take a few aesthetic details.  But it is those aesthetic details that make the two models worth having.  The ’68 takes the overall shape of the ’67 and makes it meaner.  The hood intakes move forward, the edges aren’t as rounded, and the grill snarls a little more.  The ’68 is, in fact, Eleanor.

Is Mattel running out of Mustangs to do?  I highly doubt it.  But when you have cars as beautiful as the late ’60’s Mustangs, why not make a few variations?  I will stick the ’68 right next to the ’67 and enjoy them both.

Lastly, welcome back lace wheels.  Don’t vanish again for so long.  The laces aren’t right for every model, but when they work they work very well.  The gold rims paired with the gold pinstriping and white metalflake make for a very beautiful model…

(Find this model and the rest of HW Batch C over at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheel ’68 Shelby Mustang (2013 New Models):

And the comparison pics with the ’67 GT500:

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  1. I love both actually. The white/blue stripes and the 5 spokes on the '67 are more traditional, but the white and gold scheme work very well on the '68 as well. I am also a lace wheel lover, so the '68 would be my first choice. But as I mentioned, I would take either one.

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