First Look: Hot Wheels Racing ’78 Porsche 935/78…

I have been waiting to put together a post on the HW Racing Porsche.  The other two New Models in this batch, the Greenwood Corvette and ’92 M3 were featured a few weeks, but I was waiting for an example of the Porsche to open.

Well it arrived today so it is time to have a look.

First, thank goodness for our Canadian and Brazilian friends, who have been able to find these models for many of us.  Whether by ebay or other means, these models can be acquired by those who want them (although you might have to pay a little).

As much as I like the other three models in this batch (and we will be featuring James Garner’s COPO Corvette a little later), the gems are the three new models:

(Click on the model name to purchase these models.  The prices have died down a little since they first appeared, so this may be the time to get them before they go scarce again…)

’92 BMW M3

’78 Greenwood Corvette

’78 Porsche 935/78

You can see the shape of the 911 hidden in the 935/78, nicknamed “Moby Dick” for its whale-like tail.  Like the Greenwood Vette, it happily sits on the extreme side of things, and I love what Hot Wheels has done with the casting.  Even the generic livery looks great.

And one of the unexpected highlights?  Check out those wheels!  The star design of the rims is black, and the rest red, deep dish and all, making them the best looking redline wheels I have ever seen.  I would imagine that if these wheels show up on a more common model, these wheels will be hoarded for customs.  I hope it happens…

Hot Wheels ’78 Porsche 935/78 (2012 HW Racing Road Racer Series):

The three new models together:

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