First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard ’64 Ford Falcon Sprint…

Well, the fun is coming, with Hot Wheels Batch C now out and the models on their way.  By Thursday we should be swimming in First Looks of the New Models.

But that does not mean there are more models to see before then.  We had a gander at the Boulevard Studebaker Champ yesterday, and now it is time to look at another – the incredibly cool ’64 Ford Falcon Sprint.

There is a lot that I connect to with this model.  Number 1 – I love compact cars, and the Falcon was essentially Ford’s first foray into the market.  Number 2 – I have a soft spot for the down-trodden, and the Falcon’s fate was sealed when Ford introduced the Mustang in 1964, which essentially eliminated the market for the youth-targeted Sprint.  And Number 3 – The model itself is one you don’t think about much until you have it in hand.  Once it is in those hands, you realize how cool it looks.  Nice and small, with a very mean stance.  It hasn’t been used much.  Only in the Since 68 and Garage series.  I should put this one next to the Ranchero, and eventually I will. 

It looks superb in satin blue with red trim and flames, not to mention its very cool center stripe.  Just another of many reasons why the Boulevard Series is a total winner.  Glad to have it back in 2013…

(I still don’t know if this last batch makes it to the stores.  If you want it, you know where to get it…)

Hot Wheels ’64 Ford Falcon Sprint (2012 Boulevard):

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